Baked Pickles

I made these delicious baked pickles the other day with all intensions of sharing with Reagan and saving some for the husband when he got home from work.  Things didn’t really play out that way and I ended up eating 14 1/2, yes I only made 15- don’t judge, but gave half of one to Reagan who was totally not interested and fed to the dog.

I found the recipe here ( but switched it up a bit, knowing that I didn’t want to use dill pickles, I’m not a fan, or have 50 baked pickle pieces hanging around the house that I knew I would eat before the husband came home.

These pickles were YUMMY!  I had left over ingredients in my bowl that I could have used to make three or four more baked pickles (based on what was left of the bread crumb mixture), but since my pan was full, I opted to just discard the extras.  FYI- I had to wash my thumb and pointer fingers (the dippers) off twice, because they got a little gunked with the mixture, but other than that this wasn’t messy at all.

Prep Time: 15 min

Cook Time: 7-10 min

Serves: well…it served me…

15 Bread and Butter Chip Pickles
1 Egg
1 TBL Milk
1/3 cup Flour (All Purpose)
1/3 cup Bread Crumbs
1/4 cup Panko Crumbs
1/3 cup Cheddar Cheese (Finely Shredded)
Cooking Spray


Prep & Cooking Directions –

1. Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

2. Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray

3. Take out the 15 pickles and place on a plate

4. Take 3 small mixing bowls and put the flour in one, the egg and milk mixed together in another, and in the third bowl combine the bread crumbs, panko crumbs, and the shredded cheese.


5. Coat each pickle chip with flour, then the egg/milk mixture, and then the cheesy bread/panko crumb mixture, and place on to an oiled cookie sheet.

Pickle 3  pickle6 pickle4


6. Bake @ 425 degrees for 7 – 10 minutes or until desired “crispiness” is reached.

The original recipe suggests dipping the pickles in ranch dressing.  This sounds fantastic, but I didn’t have any on hand, so I went without and they were still delish!


Chocolate Chip Amazingness

If I could only eat one dessert for the rest of my life it would be these cookies. They are THAT good! I have been making these cookies for years and everyone always asks for the recipe. I am always reluctant to give out my “secret” recipe even though I didn’t even come up with it on my own. The thing that makes them so delicious, so soft and so amazing is the vanilla pudding. I don’t know how it does it but it’s like…magic!

1 cup butter, softened
1/4 cup white sugar
3/4 cup light brown sugar
1 3.4oz box instant vanilla pudding
1T vanilla extract
2 large eggs
2 1/4 cups flour
1t baking powder
1t baking soda
1/4t salt
2 cups chocolate chips

First, cream together the butter and sugars in a large mixing bowl.

photo 2

Then, add the magic powder aka vanilla pudding.


Next, beat in eggs and vanilla.

photo 3

After that, stir in the dry ingredients.

photo 4

Finally, pour in the chocolate chips.

photo 5

Bake at 350 degrees for 10-11 minutes on an ungreased cookie sheet or until slightly golden brown.

All done and ready to eat!

All done and ready to eat!

The recipe will make approximately three dozen cookies so if you are like me and can eat a dozen in one sitting or want to be able to freeze some for a midnight snack at a later date then you might want to double the recipe. Give them a try…I doubt you will go back to your old recipe. Happy baking!

Kid tested and approved!

Kid tested and approved!



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