Jacket Love

It was time to retire my favorite J.Crew Peacoat and to find a fabulous substitute.  I needed something simple, that could be worn with various outfits, on various occasions.  I’m in love with all of the above jackets, but since I could only have one, I chose the lovely Stadium-Cloth Cocoon coat from J.Crew !  Yes, I know there are two #5’s-  I love the jacket so much, that I just had to post two different looks!

1. Gap Moto Coat 2. Calvin Klein Asymmetrical Faux-Leather-Trim Coat 3. Zara Duffle Coat with Fur Hood

4. Zara Coat With Leather Sleeves 5. J.Crew Stadium Cloth Cocoon Coat


Festive Fort


Sometimes things happen on a whim. Henry was over the other day and it just seemed like every activity that I attempted to entertain them with was a huge fail. We had Christmas lights out and ready to be put on the tree, a gigantic empty box in the basement, stickers and crayons… enter our fabulous fort! Super easy and endless hours of fun!

Large Box
Strand of Christmas Lights




Decorate a large box, inside and out with stickers and crayons.





Poke holes into the top of the box, the same distance that each bulb is away from each other on the light strand. I used a pen to poke the holes. Stick the bulbs into the punched holes.



An awesome fort to play and watch movies in!!

What They’re Wearing for Christmas

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 9.45.49 AM

Christmas is always such a fabulous time to dress up and look your best! I would love to have Reagan wear an adorable dress, but unfortunately, she’s at an awkward stage where dresses just aren’t fitting her right. Henry and Reagan’s Christmas outfits are adorable and can definitely be worn again, together or as separates. We had lots of fun picking out this years Christmas outfits!

Henry’s Outfit:

Janie and Jack Moleskin Blazer , Janie and Jack Holiday Tree Vest , Janie and Jack Tartan Shirt , Khaki Moleskin Trouser, Janie and Jack Tartan Socks , Janie and Jack Stripe Tie , Cole Haan Kids Air Pinch Penny Loafers

Reagan’s Outfit:

Janie and Jack Rosette Dress Coat, Janie and Jack Corsage Metallic Dot Chiffon Blouse , Janie and Jack Bow Ponte Pant , Janie and Jack Bow Plaid Headband, TOMS ‘Glitters – Tiny’ Mary Jane Jane Flat

Glitter Snowflakes


These snowflakes, originally found here, were super easy to make, but took a long time, 15 plus hours to dry.  The plan was for this to be a craft for Reagan and I to do on a super chilly, 9 degree, day here in Rochester.  Unfortunately, the only part of this craft that Reagan was able to participate in was the shaking of the glitter onto the glue.  She wasn’t super disappointed, and luckily I still had left overs on hand from a Snow Man craft that we did a week or so back.



Writing Utensil- we used a black marker

Wax Paper

White liquid Glue

Glitter- we used silver


Thread- we used white


IMG_0057Free hand draw as many snowflakes as you would like to make onto a piece of paper.


IMG_0062Cover your piece of paper with a sheet of wax paper. Using your glue, trace your snowflake.

IMG_0063IMG_0064IMG_0066 Cover snowflakes with glitter and leave to dry overnight.

IMG_0144When completely dry; carefully peel the snowflakes off of the wax paper.  I obviously wasn’t successful in peeling off each snowflake, but no snowflake is the same or perfect, so I we still used the ones that didn’t peel off perfectly.

IMG_0148IMG_0149IMG_0150 Using a needle and thread, poke a hole into the top of each snowflake and thread the string through.  Tie a knot to create a loop.

IMG_0154IMG_0153IMG_0151  We used our snowflakes to decorate our bar in the the kitchen.  The snowflakes add the perfect amount of sparkle to our kitchen!









Friday Favorites

Hoping to squeeze in a visit to my favorite tree this weekend!

Merry early Christmas from Beyonce today!  She surprised the entire industry.

Mindy Kaling is always good for a guaranteed laugh, this was no exception.

Can’t wait to try this guac recipe!

What an inspiring husband :)

The internet and texting have ruined spelling…I see far too many homophones misused everyday.

What a special gift to her parents.

There are so many sales going on right now, that there is no reason to pay full price when holiday shopping!  Here are just a few: 

25% off the entire Lo&Sons site.  They make the most incredible bags, especially for travel!

30% off your entire purchase at J.Crew in store and online now through Christmas Eve. I have my eye on this, this and this among the majority of the site.

and then Factory is 50% off the entire site plus 10-20% off of that!

Everything’s 30-50% off at Old Navy through Sunday

C.Wonder is additional 40% off sale and 30% off 3 jewelry items

Piperlime is additional 50% off sale

Ann Taylor is additional 60% off sale & Loft is 40% off jewelry and 50% off sale

Up to 70% off markdowns at West Elm

40% off online at Gap until 12/14