Loving Lola!


It’s no surprise that I love accessories as seen here, here, and here. There are also few things I love more than scoring a deal to add to my collection. Luckily for me, my old roommate and fellow fashion obsessed friend, Megan, opened an accessory store to fulfill both of these needs. While we were living together in the city, Megan was working for a department store in their corporate office but always had her sights set on opening her own store. Her tireless efforts paid off and Lola Accessory Boutique was born. The store is a reflection of Megan’s experience in the field and her astute eye for high quality, on trend pieces offered at affordable prices. Visit http://www.lolatoga.com to check out Megan’s selection and also stop by their Facebook page for the most recent additions.


Necklace & Bracelet: Lola Accessory Boutique | Watch: Michael Kors | Coat: Forever 21 | Dress: Old Navy | Headphones: Frends


Jewelry Closet


Sounds amazing, right?! When we were looking at apartments and I saw this pre-war medicine cabinet, I had a vision. Having experimented with many different forms of jewelry storage over the years and I now know that if I can’t see it out in the open, I won’t wear it. The ability to have all of my jewelry on display but also be able to conceal it behind the doors is a dream, especially in a tiny NYC apartment! I know I have a lot…probably too much but this collection wasn’t built overnight and is comprised mostly of Forever 21 finds or deeply discounted J.Crew baubles.


There is a lot of storage in this small space. Up on the top shelf are towels, wash cloths and sheets. I found these storage bins at TJ Maxx but they are available from a variety of retailers. The Container Store outfitted the rest of the closet including the nail polish bins.

IMG_3600 Tiered Jewelry Stands

IMG_3601Some favorites arranged by rose, gold and silver.

IMG_3602Watch stand, small compartment storage, and earring stand all from the Container Store.

IMG_3619 IMG_3610


Pasta Necklace

Today Reagan was a disaster; tearing apart every toy that ‘lives’ in the family room (as you can see in the background of all these pictures…HOT MESS!). I was attempting to put away things purchased from a trip to BJs (the TP that you see in the background), but Reagan wasn’t having it. She was in desperate need of a quick wind down activity.

A few months ago I dyed, with food coloring, a box of uncooked ziti. I wouldn’t repeat the way that I dyed the ziti because if Reagan puts it into her mouth, which I know she will, the food coloring wipes off onto whatever the ziti touches after getting wet. I need to find a better way to dye the pasta and when I do, I will be sure to share it with you! Nevertheless, I’m continuing to use the pasta until it’s gone.

Continuing on the path of strengthening her fine motor skills, I decided that Reagan could make a pasta necklace. We used a piece of ribbon that I cut long enough for Reagan to make a necklace that when tied would fit over her head, dried dyed ziti, and a pipe cleaner. The pipe cleaner is such an important part of this activity for Reagan. She struggles with stringing the ziti on a floppy piece of ribbon, I’m not sure what 15 month old wouldn’t. By twisting a pipe cleaner around the end of the ribbon, I am giving the ribbon support and allowing for Reagan to have something straight and sturdy to string her ziti on to.

By stringing a single piece of pasta and then tying it off with a knot, you are creating a stopper and are ensuring that not one piece of pasta will fall to the floor while stringing.

I poured out the dyed ziti bags onto a large rimmed plate, held up the pipe cleaner with the straw attached and told Reagan that we were going to string some ziti to make a necklace. We’ve done this multiple times, so I no longer need to show her how to string the ziti. The first few times that we did this activity I showed Reagan how to string the ziti, I then guided her hand to assist in stringing the ziti, all while verbally explaining what was happening.

A solid ten minutes is spent in deep concentration as Reagan chooses a colored piece of ziti, we say the color name, and then she strings it onto the pipe cleaner.

I tie the loose end to the tied noodle on the opposite side and BAM…a colorful ziti necklace!
I totally forgot to take a picture of the necklace yesterday, so here’s one the next morning. Oh, and checkout the toilet paper that is still sitting in the front hall.