Friday Favorites

You’ve almost made it to the weekend! I got an early start today and am heading to Vermont for a wedding. Winter wedding attire can be tricky and I’m always excited to see what everyone else chooses, but most importantly, the bride! TGIF and happy weekend!


We have been marathoning House of Cards but have to break until I’m back in the city, but it is just so good and so is this parody.

Think I need this print after assessing my most recent purchases and them being all leopard because it is a neutral. Duh!

New shoe collaboration from one of my fave bloggers, Stripes & Sequins x Matt Bernson on Shopbop

and then there’s this mother/daughter collaboration on Instagram that is jut about the cutest thing

Have you seen Google Trend’s visualizer? It’s a live time compilation of searches and may inspire you to search some new things you didn’t know you should be reading up on!

Ever wonder what hipster royals would look like? Your wish came true!


Cheesy Pasta with Bacon and Peas

It’s hard to find things my picky three year old will eat most days. Sometimes I feel like I spend so much time making new things for him to try and he still ends up wanting hot dogs or grilled cheese. Peas are one vegetable he will never turn down and if you ask my husband, bacon makes everything taste better, so I thought this recipe was worth a try. To my surprise he ate his entire plate. A rare occurrence around here for sure!

12 oz penne pasta
6 slices thick-cut bacon
12 oz frozen peas
12 oz plain Greek yogurt
Tabasco sauce
6 oz Fontina cheese
6 oz Sharp cheddar cheese


1. Line baking sheet with foil and cook
bacon in a 400 degree oven for approximately 15 minutes. Set aside.

2. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and cook pasta until al dente.

3. While pasta is cooking, cut bacon into small pieces and shred cheeses.

4. Before straining pasta, add frozen peas to water and cook for an additional minute. Drain water but reserve 1 cup of pasta water.

5. Return pasta and peas to pot and add in 1/3 cup of pasta water, yogurt, a few splashes of Tabasco and half of the cheese. Stir until cheese is melted.

6. Stir in remaining cheese and salt and pepper to taste. Add in additional hot pasta water if needed to reach desired creaminess.

7. Add bacon and stir until thoroughly combined.

Hope your picky eaters enjoy it as much as mine!

Work It Out!


I’ve been trying to get back into a work out routine; it’s only been 3 or so years… Music is a huge motivation for me when I am working out. Whether it be hand picked by an exercise class instructor or a play list that I create for my individual workouts, it’s a huge bonus to have something up beat and motivating.

Songza is my new favorite app, that has introduced me to new music that I would have other wised missed out on. Being a mom of a young two, the music selection in the house ranges from Mickey Mouse Club House to Raffi; Lord Help Me!

Below is my current play list for my treadmill work outs. I hope that you find some motivation in the following jams! Get off that couch and enjoy! I’ve included links to the songs on YouTube as well as to iTunes :)

Burn Ellie Goulding iTunes YouTube

Can’t Hold Us Macklemore and Ryan Lewis iTunes YouTube

Wake Me Up Avicii iTunes YouTube

White Walls Maclemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Schoolboy Q Hollis iTunes YouTube

I Need Your Love Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding iTunes YouTube

Best Day of My Life American Authors iTunes YouTube

Wings Little Mix iTunes (couldn’t link??) YouTube

Work Bitch Britney Spears iTunes YouTube

A Little Party Never Killed Anybody Fergie iTunes YouTube

Happy Pharrell iTunes YouTube

Gone, Gone, Gone Phillip Phillips iTunes YouTube

Parking Garage Numbers Game

Happy Monday!! We had a heat wave come through western New York this past weekend…temps in the high 40s!! Unfortunately it looks like the “warm” weather will be leaving as quickly as it appeared. While daddy was at school this weekend, Big H and I decided to play a little numbers game. He and his brother are pretty obsessed with Hot Wheels cars. Whether it be racing, crashing or lining them up, they can entertain themselves with them for quite a while. We have been working on number and letter recognition lately so I thought I would find a way to incorporate the cars. It’s hard for little boys to sit still for very long so much of his learning needs to involve some type of play to keep him interested.

Shallow cardboard box

First I cut a hole into one side of the box to serve as a ramp for the cars to enter the garage.

Then I drew the parking spots. I decided to go with sixteen spots since that is the number of children in his preschool class and is therefore a number he is comfortable with.


Then I numbered the spots in pencil and after had Big H trace over the numbers with a black marker.

He got a little excited after finishing number five!

We started by me asking him to park cars in certain numbers. He needed help with the higher numbers but I could tell that he was having fun! Then we turned our heads and saw this little munchkin…

We then decided it was time to take our game to the floor!


He wanted to park the cars by color and then size, all the while continuing to review the numbers. He is already very good at matching numbers but for someone younger it would be a great idea to put number stickers on the cars and have them match them up to the numbers on the parking spots. I think we are going to have lots of fun with our parking garage!

Spotlight On: Bar Cart

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 5.27.07 PM


I have been eyeing this bar cart for a while now and was so disappointed when it sold out around the holidays and I didn’t make the purchase.  After seeing it again the other day I checked the Target site and not only was it back in stock…it was on sale….with an additional 15% off!  That softened the blow of the shipping cost, something I almost never will pay but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t get it this time around.  We have been growing our bar on a West Elm tray but excited to move it over to an official cart and get some new accessories.

Clockwise from Top Left:

Happy Hour Print | Ice Bucket | Tumbler | Shaker | Cheers Coaster | Polka Dot Coaster

Party Print | Tortoise Glasses | Whisk | Stirrer | Wine Rack