Parking Garage Numbers Game

Happy Monday!! We had a heat wave come through western New York this past weekend…temps in the high 40s!! Unfortunately it looks like the “warm” weather will be leaving as quickly as it appeared. While daddy was at school this weekend, Big H and I decided to play a little numbers game. He and his brother are pretty obsessed with Hot Wheels cars. Whether it be racing, crashing or lining them up, they can entertain themselves with them for quite a while. We have been working on number and letter recognition lately so I thought I would find a way to incorporate the cars. It’s hard for little boys to sit still for very long so much of his learning needs to involve some type of play to keep him interested.

Shallow cardboard box

First I cut a hole into one side of the box to serve as a ramp for the cars to enter the garage.

Then I drew the parking spots. I decided to go with sixteen spots since that is the number of children in his preschool class and is therefore a number he is comfortable with.


Then I numbered the spots in pencil and after had Big H trace over the numbers with a black marker.

He got a little excited after finishing number five!

We started by me asking him to park cars in certain numbers. He needed help with the higher numbers but I could tell that he was having fun! Then we turned our heads and saw this little munchkin…

We then decided it was time to take our game to the floor!


He wanted to park the cars by color and then size, all the while continuing to review the numbers. He is already very good at matching numbers but for someone younger it would be a great idea to put number stickers on the cars and have them match them up to the numbers on the parking spots. I think we are going to have lots of fun with our parking garage!


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