Somewhere Over the Rainbow


With Saint Patrick’s Day right around the corner, Reagan and I decided to get into the spirt of things by making a delicious rainbow!
Color identification and sorting skills are definitely utilized and strengthened throughout this activity.


Fruit Loops
Cotton Balls
6 Cups

Place each color of fruit loop in front of your child. Have your child identify each color and place each different colored fruit loop into its own cup.

Place a handful of fruit loops in front of your child and have them sort the loops into corresponding cups.


Draw an arch with the glue. Allow your child to choose the color that they would like to use first. Model how to place the fruit loops onto the glue. After the first arch color is done, continue underneath until all colors are used.





Using the glue, swirl a cloud of glue at the bottom of each side of your child’s rainbow. Model how to stick the white cotton ball to the glue.


The simplest activities can be used to strengthen such important skills!


A Little LOVE for your Loves


Reagan and I have been busy getting ready for Valentine’s Day by creating some sweet decorations for our home and special gifts for our friends.
How fabulous it is that my daughter has so much love in her heart; we could all learn a thing or two from this amazing toddler!
Here are our favorites for the month that’s dedicated to love. Make sure to check back Saturday to see what we’ve been working on for our friends and family!

No Time for Flashcard’s Coffee Filter Hearts are absolutely adorable and simple enough for my marker loving toddler!

With no shortage of wine corks in the house, these Love Bugs from No Time for Flashcard’s are a definite must make!

The Yoda inspired Valentine from design. wash. rinse. repeat… couldn’t be any cuter for your Star Wars lovin kiddo. Added bonus- a free printable!!!

Mom’s by Heart is offering up this fabulous and FREE printable! Who doesn’t love glow sticks?

Reagan finds Whoopie Cushions to be hilarious; she seriously can’t get enough! the Taylor house is rocking it with these awesome Valentine’s and tops them off with a FREE printable!

Even though this Valentine isn’t rocking a free printable, it is still super cute and perfect for a few special friends! bellaellaboutique, on etsy, created this Wheelie Cool Valentine!

I’m loving Jacolyn Murphy’s All is Fair in Love and War Valentine’s. These would definitely be a favorite with an older crowd!

A look back at last years Valentine’s:

We created A Little Love for our family.

These were the Sweetest Sayings!

How simple it is to help your child show their love!

Are You Ready for some Football…Crafts?!

Football is a pretty big deal around here. Even though we see our favorite team lose more than win, the boys still love to watch. I’m not sure if we will see the Buffalo Bills make it to the Super Bowl again in our lifetime :). Regardless of who is playing, the Super Bowl is always guaranteed to be a good time. The snacks, commercials and halftime show just add to the excitement!

Big H and I thought it would be fun to do a couple of crafts to get us ready for the big day. Unfortunately when it comes to crafts he has the attention span of well…a three year old! Therefore, the crafts need to be simple and quick to keep him interested. Plus it always seems that the days we want to do a special activity our little sidekick decides he doesn’t want to take a nap. We thought it would be a good idea to distract him with a chocolate chip cookie…

Paper Stuffed Footballs


Brown construction paper

Newspaper, shredded

White yarn


Single hole punch



1. Rip up several pieces of newspaper. Big H loved this part!


2. Draw a large oval on one piece of paper. You can also use a football template if you would like. Then place a second piece of paper behind the first and cut it out. You will need two identical ovals to make the football.

3. Punch holes around the perimeter of the oval. Be careful not to make the holes too close to the edge. My helper insisted on punching many more than were necessary!

4. Tie the yarn around one of the holes and continue to thread it around the oval. Make sure to stop before it is completely threaded.

5. Stuff the football with shredded newspaper until it is full and then finish threading and tie off!

More Football Fun

We also made some Popsicle stick goal posts and had some fun with our football stamp!



Our Newest ‘Family Member’


December has just begun and I have caught my THREE year old checking out all of the holiday ads for the past week or so. He is actually quite obsessed with it and has even fallen asleep at nap time clinging to a flyer. We try our best to stress to him that the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Christ but for a little kid that is too easily overshadowed by Santa and all of his shiny new toys. At the same time he has had some difficulty understanding that Santa only rewards children who have been on their best behavior with these treats.


Enter the Elf on the Shelf. At first I didn’t really buy into all of the hype but decided it could be a fun tradition to start with the kids that will encourage good behavior during the holiday season and just maybe it will carry into the new year as well. The cute boxed set includes an elf doll and a book explaining the story.


As usual the little guy was fascinated with just the box and hopped right in.


The elf made his grand appearance yesterday morning and we immediately read the book to Big H. The first thing he had to do was name the elf and he quickly chose ‘Chippy’ as that was the name of the elf in the cartoon he had seen on tv. The book goes on to explain that the elf will watch the child’s behavior during the day and then every night will fly back to the North Pole to report to Santa and then come back the next morning before we are awake. Each morning he will be hiding in a different spot. I have seen some pretty creative things that people have done with their elves and I have a feeling my husband will have a lot of fun with this. Here are some great ideas! The only rule is that children can’t touch the elf or he will lose his magic and won’t be able to fly back to the North Pole. Big H didn’t like this too much since all he wanted to do was play with him. I was a little worried that he wasn’t really grasping the whole concept of the elf. Then, not even twenty minutes after the elf had arrived, he rammed a truck into his brother’s face and without hesitation said “I’m sorry Chippy it was just an accident. Please don’t tell Santa!” I think I’m going to like having this guy around and hope that it’s a cute little tradition that will help keep the magic of Christmas alive in our house for years to come.


Day Date


Lately Big H has been acting out and misbehaving more than normal. I know that tantrums and whining are normal for a three year old but I knew it was something more than that. The same thing happened right after his brother was born. He used to be so attached to me and suddenly daddy became his favorite. It was totally understandable since the baby was, and still is, so dependent on me but it still broke my heart. I tried my very best to make special time for just him each day but I know that lately it seems like little H has creeped more and more into that time since he doesn’t sleep as much as when he was a newborn. Therefore I think a lot of this misbehaving has been to try and get attention from me, even if it’s negative. So today daddy and I decided to take Big H out for a special date without his brother.


We took him to see Monster University and he loved it! He sat on MY lap the whole time and I was in mommy heaven since he doesn’t like to cuddle as much as he used to anymore. Afterwards we had fun telling jokes and holding hands while we swing him in the air. It’s one of his favorite things but something we really can’t do with a baby in tow. We asked him what he wanted to do next and he immediately said he wanted to go and get Popsicles! So off we went to get a special cookie and some frozen treats. We will definitely have to do this more often :)