Warm Weather Wish List

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 9.50.25 PMTop | Hat | Cover Up | Sunnies | Sandals | Bottoms

We are headed to Miami today and I couldn’t be more excited to escape the never-ending winter and feel the sun again!


Spotlight On: Statement Earrings

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 8.33.03 PMIt’s no surprise that I love statement jewelry but I mostly stick to necklaces and bracelets and rarely branch out from a simple stud.  With several weddings coming up this year, I’m hoping to try out some different statement earrings to amp up a simple dress and get a different look for photos.  How do you wear your favorites?

Left | Right

Left | Center | Right

Spotlight On: Hats & Scarves

Winter Accesories

Infinity: left / center / right

Trapper Hats: left / center / right

Beanies: left / center / right

Scarves: left / center / right

Snow is falling here in NYC which means you may need some fun, new winter accessories.  I like to shop around for highs and lows to mix and match.  The easiest way to change up that black winter coat is to wear a different hat or scarf!

Spotlight On: J.Crew Sweaters

20131203-080237.jpgGrowing up in New York, we are accustomed to bundling up for half of the year.  But no one says you can’t look stylish under all those layers of jackets and sport some cute sweaters.  J.Crew has been bringing their best this year and sweaters are no exception.  I rounded up some of my favorites but there are even more to love and even better they are all 30% until Thursday using the code HOLIDAYSALE.

Color Blocking: left / center / right 

Fair Isle: left / center / right 

Delicate Details: left / center / right 

Friday Favorites

This is how Hudson felt at the vet last week. He is now happily out of the neck doughnut and will be back at the dog park this weekend!


Last week we got a great response from this post so we are going to make it a regular thing. Enjoy some fun links and even more fun sales!

Who didn’t want to learn the finale routine from Dirty Dancing? Better yet, they performed it at their wedding reception!

I may or may not have watched this entire thing and continually laughed throughout. If you love game shows and when people say ridiculous answers you must watch this montage.

I had Samantha, what about you?

This new product could simplify a lot of lives; very futuristic way of handling finances.

It’s no secret that we love Hudson but this list confirmed just how much.

Mr. Rogers was a staple in our house and I’m sure yours too, learn even more reasons to admire him. (I also watched the Senate video they suggest)

Everyone’s busy but we should all take the time to slow down and try to do more of these, #1 is a personal favorite!

This guy helped save a family of ducklings and then led them to water.

Couldn’t agree more about this video promoting non-girly girls toys. You go, girls!

Losing weight and reaching your goal isn’t always what you thought it would be. My friend, Jess, shares her story here.

Wegmans is the best. Hands down, no competition. If you need to be convinced or just reminded, read on.

Just because bird-dog hybrids are silly and ridiculous.

Cosmo has more than just sex tips, as evidenced by not one, but two friends who wrote articles this week. Alie’s is a must read, obviously.

Love this skirt and chunky turtleneck look.

Can’t wait to try out this shopping app Devon recommended.

Went to get this Old Navy sweater after seeing it here but all they had was XXL, but coats were 40% off that day so I got this instead.

J.Crew is still killing it with extra 40% off sale and they keep adding new styles.  I scored what could be my best deal ever at J.Crew this week when I got these shiny ponies for only $34.  Someone must have returned them to the store and they were marked as $69.99, still $179.99 online.

Ann Taylor is additional 50% off sale, Factory is additional 40% off sale, Old Navy has been running crazy promotion after crazy promotion this week (check in for daily deals) and Gap and Banana are 40% full price styles.  Happy Shopping!