Friday Favorites

On the world wide web, I come across countless articles, videos, photos and sales every week.  Some are worth sharing and others…well they’re not.  To share some favorite links from the week along with some upcoming sales to plan your weekend shopping, we are beginning a new series on Fridays.

Most Loved Links of the Week:

Lena Dunham interviews Mindy Kaling in this hilarious article

Jenna Lyons (J.Crew God) shares her 10 fashion commandments and why she thinks trend is a dirty word

If you aren’t already following @aliemartell on Twitter, you should go do that. Right now.  She writes for Cosmo and always has the best tweets and shared links.  Hudson even got a shout out this week!

Who doesn’t love a Friends themed Buzzfeed?  This one got me so excited to be home soon for Thanksgiving!

It seems like every time I go on Facebook these days someone is engaged, married or pregnant.  I’m sure you’ve an example of each one of the 5 most Annoying Facebook Engagement announcements.  (Apologies if you did one of these)

Our mom hated Abercrombie when I was a teenager, I don’t think it was around for Erin and Meaghan, was it?  She would’ve hated it for you guys too.  It was loud, had an overwhelming cologne smell and the clothes were way overpriced.    The CEO also happens to be a jerk.  Check out why and thanks mom, you really do always know best!

Damsel in Dior is one of my all time favorite blogs!  Her style and taste are impeccable and her holiday gift guide is a must read; I’ve already picked several things for people on my list.

I was on Nike’s site the other day checking out some dunks because I love mine and they are really killing it with woman’s shoes.  I want these, these and winter boots, yes please!

J.Crew is currently having a sale with an additional sale.  40% already markdown prices and even better if you have a student or teacher ID you get 15% more on top of that.  I stopped in yesterday and picked up this gorgeous jeweled sweater in gray and this striped sweater with the blue back.  I also love this, this and this!  I spotted my favorite boots this fall on sale in store for $199 yesterday.  They are still full price online but an incredible deal with the discount.  Check your local store! (I should never be allowed near a J.Crew store or site during these sales!)

Happy Reading and TGIF!

Spotlight On: Plaid


1. Plaid Flannel Shirtdress | 2. Classic Plaid Square Scarf | 3. Plaid Vegan Leather Sleeve Coat |
4. Retro Plaid Sweatshirt |5. Golden Bear Sportswear Varsity Jacket (splurge!) | 6. Cropped Plaid Moto |
7. Checked Top With Frill Sleeves | 8. Fireside Vest in Buffalo Plaid | 9. Sheer Plaid Blouse
10. Pleated Mini In Tartan Skirt | 11. Original Mallalieus Boots | 12. Pencil Skirt in Black Watch Plaid
13. Pendleton, The Portland Collection Mugs | 14. Rainy-Day Umbrella

Puppy Walking


Being a teacher, I have a great deal of time in the summer to spend with Hudson. We take lots of walks, sometimes more than ten a day. I decided to attach keys and a wallet with treats and a credit card to his leash because I am able to run errands on some of our walks. I have several unworn maxi dresses in my closet because Hudson isn’t really a fan or in reality too much of a fan. He thinks it’s fun to try bite the dresses as we walk so I typically end up in jean cut offs or other shorts and flip flops.

During walks I spend lots of time waiting for Hudson as he…

20130730-153239.jpg …lays down anywhere on the street

20130730-153509.jpg …sniffs everything in sight

20130730-153608.jpg …plays tug of war with the leash

20130730-154216.jpg …attempts to get into his favorite bar, Beer Culture (our favorite too!)

20130730-153712.jpg …sits and refuses to move…while still being extremely cute!

20130730-153807.jpg ((a rare occasion where I was able to wear a maxi on a walk after lunch with girlfriends…the eyelets were a little too risky with puppy teeth though))

Shirt: J.Crew on sale! | Shorts: H&M (old but similar here) | Flip flops: Havaianas | Keychain Wallet: Marc Jacobs



Summer in the city is hot and the humidity can be killer! With the new pup I have not been wearing much jewelry because he tends to think they’re toys and wants to play. I know he has to learn sooner rather than later because I can’t put wearing them on hold forever. I wore this casual outfit for a day of errands, hanging out in the park and lunch outside at a sidewalk table, all of which included Hudson. He loves to take a nap under the table while we grab lunch or a drink at night. NYC is incredibly dog-friendly and he is allowed practically anywhere that doesn’t serve food, aside from sidewalk tables, which is great for us because we want to be with him as much as possible!

Tank: J.Crew (on sale and worth every penny for the embroidery!) | Shorts: J.Crew (old) similar here | Bracelets: Forever 21, Spikes (no longer online) and Lightning Bolt, C.Wonder, love this one too!