Puppy Walking


Being a teacher, I have a great deal of time in the summer to spend with Hudson. We take lots of walks, sometimes more than ten a day. I decided to attach keys and a wallet with treats and a credit card to his leash because I am able to run errands on some of our walks. I have several unworn maxi dresses in my closet because Hudson isn’t really a fan or in reality too much of a fan. He thinks it’s fun to try bite the dresses as we walk so I typically end up in jean cut offs or other shorts and flip flops.

During walks I spend lots of time waiting for Hudson as he…

20130730-153239.jpg …lays down anywhere on the street

20130730-153509.jpg …sniffs everything in sight

20130730-153608.jpg …plays tug of war with the leash

20130730-154216.jpg …attempts to get into his favorite bar, Beer Culture (our favorite too!)

20130730-153712.jpg …sits and refuses to move…while still being extremely cute!

20130730-153807.jpg ((a rare occasion where I was able to wear a maxi on a walk after lunch with girlfriends…the eyelets were a little too risky with puppy teeth though))

Shirt: J.Crew on sale! | Shorts: H&M (old but similar here) | Flip flops: Havaianas | Keychain Wallet: Marc Jacobs


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