Puppy Walking


Being a teacher, I have a great deal of time in the summer to spend with Hudson. We take lots of walks, sometimes more than ten a day. I decided to attach keys and a wallet with treats and a credit card to his leash because I am able to run errands on some of our walks. I have several unworn maxi dresses in my closet because Hudson isn’t really a fan or in reality too much of a fan. He thinks it’s fun to try bite the dresses as we walk so I typically end up in jean cut offs or other shorts and flip flops.

During walks I spend lots of time waiting for Hudson as he…

20130730-153239.jpg …lays down anywhere on the street

20130730-153509.jpg …sniffs everything in sight

20130730-153608.jpg …plays tug of war with the leash

20130730-154216.jpg …attempts to get into his favorite bar, Beer Culture (our favorite too!)

20130730-153712.jpg …sits and refuses to move…while still being extremely cute!

20130730-153807.jpg ((a rare occasion where I was able to wear a maxi on a walk after lunch with girlfriends…the eyelets were a little too risky with puppy teeth though))

Shirt: J.Crew on sale! | Shorts: H&M (old but similar here) | Flip flops: Havaianas | Keychain Wallet: Marc Jacobs




Summer in the city is hot and the humidity can be killer! With the new pup I have not been wearing much jewelry because he tends to think they’re toys and wants to play. I know he has to learn sooner rather than later because I can’t put wearing them on hold forever. I wore this casual outfit for a day of errands, hanging out in the park and lunch outside at a sidewalk table, all of which included Hudson. He loves to take a nap under the table while we grab lunch or a drink at night. NYC is incredibly dog-friendly and he is allowed practically anywhere that doesn’t serve food, aside from sidewalk tables, which is great for us because we want to be with him as much as possible!

Tank: J.Crew (on sale and worth every penny for the embroidery!) | Shorts: J.Crew (old) similar here | Bracelets: Forever 21, Spikes (no longer online) and Lightning Bolt, C.Wonder, love this one too!

polka dots and floral denim

IMG_2523Yesterday was weigh in day for Reagan. She hasn’t been gaining adequate weight, her growth chart for weight has plateaued when it should be climbing. She’s a picky eater, a snacker and dislikes eating a full meal. My husband and I try everything; last night it was taking turns feeding each other…one for Reagan, one for mommy, one for daddy- with daddy clapping ridiculously after we each took our bites. Some meals she eats fantastically, others…not so much. We offer her everything we eat, plus some. I can’t, however, be a short order cook for my 20 month old. At Reagan’s 18 month checkup, she weighed 22lbs. Yesterday, two months later, she gained a measly 6 ounces. UGH!!! So needless to say she has been referred for Food Therapy. Luckily, she has been refered to a clinic of a friend of my mother’s, so there is some comfort in knowing that we will be in good hands. I’m not 100% sure as to what Food Therapy will entail; I will post on that after her initial evaluation at the end of the month.

Enough about that and on to these super cute peach polka dots! This top is actually a onsie underneath, which is genius, because it keeps Reagan from taking her top off…which she has been doing lately and always in public- the library is her number one pick for her favorite place to remove her clothing- which isn’t the best place, because the librarians aren’t the friendliest and always look at me like I’m a horrible mother. Nevertheless, we continue to go each week and continue to get the same stares from the same women. You would think that they would just get over it already and find something else to negatively glare at.



Neon yellow flowers…yes please! These shorts are a very thin denim, have a button fly and an adjustable waist band. Adjustable waist bands are a dream for my tiny waisted toddler.

The beloved Children’s Place sandals. I think it may be time to retire these beauties. For $19.95, they totally have gotten their fair share of ware.

What She’s Wearing

Polka Dot Top from Gap Kids (similar) I purchased this top in the store and on SUPER sale. Unfortunately, I can’t locate online :(

Neon Floral Shorts from Gap

Sandals from The Children’s Place

Who doesn’t love 50% off?!

photo-3Currently through July 7th all of J.Crew Factory in store and online is 50% off! Yes, everything is 50% off, and if you spend more than $100 you receive free shipping. These are just some of my favorites including the paisley tunic which is already in my cart and ready to be worn with denim cutoffs, over a suit to the beach or white skinnies:

(clockwise from top left)
1. Factory brass-plated crystal necklace: $27.50 (reg. $54.50)
2. Factory crystal and neon stone bracelet: $16.00 (reg. $32.50)
3. Factory polka-dot popover: $34.50 (reg. $69.50)
4. Factory zigzag sequin tank: $44.00 (reg. $88.00)
5. Factory paisley tunic: $47.50 (reg. $95.00)

And if you love sales like me, Gap also has some great promotions going on. They are different in stores and online and are changing daily under the “Red, White and Bright” promotions.