Sparkly Mess


Tons of glitter to brighten a gloomy day! I totally asked for a huge mess with this project, but Reagan wanted glitter, so we glittered!!!


Glue ( I like clear washable glue)
Something to pour excess glitter into- we used an old box

What To Do

Cover work area- this project can get messy!! Place a piece of paper in front of your child, give them a glue bottle and assist in squeezing the glue onto the paper. Show them how to move the glue bottle left, right, up and down their paper, while squeezing the bottle. This is when I talk with Reagan about the glue being sticky. I encourage her to touch the glue with one of her fingers, so that she can feel the texture and stickiness.


Show your child the different colors of glitter that you have and allow for them to select the color that they want to use. Guiding their hands at first, show them how to shake the glitter jar to completely cover their glue with glitter.



Assist your child, at first, in shaking the excess glitter off of their paper. We used an old box for our extra glitter.



Let the glue dry. Like I said before, this project can get messy, so be prepared!!



Have a SPARKLING day!


Fluffy Stuff


Most moms are going to think that I’m absolutely nutso for doing this sensory bin project in my house, but honestly it looks worse than it actually was.

It feels like it has been raining in Rochester forever and for a little girl who likes nothing more than to be outside; pouring rainy days are torturous. After yesterdays full day of shopping, Reagan was in desperate need of something fun and messy!

I pinned this Fluffy Stuff weeks ago and have been wanting to try it with Reagan. I added the ingredients to yesterday’s shopping list and today we fluffed it out!


20130611-141423.jpg2 boxes of corn starch

1 can of shaving cream


(I added different ‘tools’ to the mix as we played. Below is everything that we used. You definitely don’t have to use all or any of the ‘tools’ that we used.)


large bin

wooden spoon with long handle

potato masher


plastic drinking cups

Measuring dish with handle

muffin tin

plastic Ritz cheese container with top

play mobile people

small plastic bowls

large plastic bowl

plastic cookie cutters

plastic rolling-pin


Place large towel on floor.  In a large bin or bucket pour two boxes of Corn Starch.


Add in shaving cream and continuously stir.  We didn’t end up using the entire can.  I just kept adding until it reached a consistency that we were happy with.


I kept introducing new ‘tools’ as Reagan became uninterested in the ones that she was using.  I didn’t take anything away, and she began to find new uses for each tool.


The fluff is super soft and smells fabulous…like Barbasol!

After playing with the fluff for a while it turned into a consistency that was able to be somewhat molded.  With no cue from me, Reagan began singing Frosty the Snowman…love that she was reminded of SNOW!!


Clean up was super easy…seriously…it was. We filled the sink with soap and water to clean all of the ‘tools’, I emptied the pink bin into the kitchen trash, folded in the sides of the towel, took it outside and shook it into the outside garbage.  The mess totally depends on how out of control you let the activity get.  I constantly reminded Reagan to stay on the towel and she did a pretty excellent job doing so.  Her pjs came off at the sink and went straight to the laundry basket.  As far as I know; corn starch and shaving cream are not harmful to clothing…AS FAR AS I KNOW!


This was the longest activity thus far; lasting about an hour and five minutes from start to finish, including Reagan washing the ‘tools’ that she used.  Smaller batches can obviously be made by reducing the ingredient amount.  This could be an excellent table activity; using only half a box of corn starch.



Paint Stamps

I attempt to entertain Reagan’s requests to do various activities.  Lately, she has been asking to paint…’I paint’.  I’ve said this multiple times, but I really do need to get my butt in gear and get a variety of colors for my daughter to work with.  Blue and pink, although lovely, are getting a bit old.

Instead of pulling out the paint brushes, I decided that we would do some stamp painting with an apple, which turned into stamp painting with a potato, animal crackers and pretzels.  Who would have thought that food could be so much fun to paint with!  Our project got cut short, when daddy started watching a motorcycle race on the computer.  I was left high and dry by my 18 month old for her daddy and motorcycles… whatever floats her boat!


The potato, animal crackers and pretzels were afterthoughts, so they aren’t pictured with materials.



Paint- in our case…washable

Plate- or paint dish



Animal Crackers



Reagan and I talked about the color of the outside of the apple and the various colors on the inside of the apple.  We talked about the stem and the seeds and how apple trees grow from apple seeds!  I then attempted to sing her the Johhny Apple Seed Song, which I butchered, thank god for youtube!  The apple that I used was small, so Reagan was able to hold the cut half in her hand.  I showed Reagan what to do and off she went!


Earlier that day, I pulled out a bag of 6 or 7 potatoes that I had completely forgot about that needed to be trashed.  I brought one over to the table and talked to Reagan about why we couldn’t/shouldn’t eat the potato anymore.  I cut out different shapes and designs on various potato pieces to be used as stamps.



Reagan spotted a few pieces of her left over snack on the table and asked to paint with them…’I paint pretzel and manimals’. So we painted with pretzels and animals!


Reagan painted for about 20 minutes before she quickly moved to her daddy’s lap to watch motorcycle racing… a girl after her dads heart!

IMG_9214Excuse the random pizza slice…whatever it takes for Reagan to eat, even if it is while painting!