Jewelry Closet


Sounds amazing, right?! When we were looking at apartments and I saw this pre-war medicine cabinet, I had a vision. Having experimented with many different forms of jewelry storage over the years and I now know that if I can’t see it out in the open, I won’t wear it. The ability to have all of my jewelry on display but also be able to conceal it behind the doors is a dream, especially in a tiny NYC apartment! I know I have a lot…probably too much but this collection wasn’t built overnight and is comprised mostly of Forever 21 finds or deeply discounted J.Crew baubles.


There is a lot of storage in this small space. Up on the top shelf are towels, wash cloths and sheets. I found these storage bins at TJ Maxx but they are available from a variety of retailers. The Container Store outfitted the rest of the closet including the nail polish bins.

IMG_3600 Tiered Jewelry Stands

IMG_3601Some favorites arranged by rose, gold and silver.

IMG_3602Watch stand, small compartment storage, and earring stand all from the Container Store.

IMG_3619 IMG_3610



Snail Mail

I read the other day that to save money the United States Post Office will be cutting Saturday delivery starting this summer. As emails and texting have taken over snail mail communication, they are continually losing more money. Personally, there are few things that top a real, hand-written note in the mail or even hand delivered. We get so much junk mail, magazines (Andy will tell you there are always too many of those) and bills that a hand addressed envelope feels like a diamond in the rough.

Of course there are the typical reasons to send a card such as birthdays, congratulations and thank yous but the best are little notes for no reason at all. I remember after birthdays and holidays as a kid, mom making us sit down and write all of our thank you notes much to our dismay. We were taught that there is never a reason too small to show your appreciation and thanks to someone and I am grateful she instilled that in us from early on because now it’s a no-brainer.

A recent favorite in our mailbox :)

A recent favorite in our mailbox

This love of cards has also led to the problem of buying too much stationary. TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods are my favorite places to purchase because they always have cute box sets for about 4 or 5 dollars. My collection has really grown and Morgan’s organization over winter break inspired me to do the same. The black boxes are from IKEA and the white ones are from The Container Store .  I organized them into different categories and boxes; cleansing out all of the tiny boxes I had stacked up and streamlining them has worked well so far.




Some favorties

Some favorites