Jewelry Closet


Sounds amazing, right?! When we were looking at apartments and I saw this pre-war medicine cabinet, I had a vision. Having experimented with many different forms of jewelry storage over the years and I now know that if I can’t see it out in the open, I won’t wear it. The ability to have all of my jewelry on display but also be able to conceal it behind the doors is a dream, especially in a tiny NYC apartment! I know I have a lot…probably too much but this collection wasn’t built overnight and is comprised mostly of Forever 21 finds or deeply discounted J.Crew baubles.


There is a lot of storage in this small space. Up on the top shelf are towels, wash cloths and sheets. I found these storage bins at TJ Maxx but they are available from a variety of retailers. The Container Store outfitted the rest of the closet including the nail polish bins.

IMG_3600 Tiered Jewelry Stands

IMG_3601Some favorites arranged by rose, gold and silver.

IMG_3602Watch stand, small compartment storage, and earring stand all from the Container Store.

IMG_3619 IMG_3610



12 Hours of Entertainment


I don’t think I will ever be one of those people who will ever say they packed for their two week vacation in a carry-on. I’d bet money on it actually. I know the benefits of not checking: baggage fees, lost/damaged/misplaced luggage and the overall hassle of the process. When I fly domestic to visit family or for short trips, I can manage. However, when flying internationally, I justify checking a bag for several reasons. First and foremost, weather can be unpredictable and you need options. Secondly, I have a sweating thing and I can never wear the same shirt more than once without it being washed. I also get bored easily so I need options for entertainment on a flight and since baggage fees don’t typically apply for your first bag, I can pack a carry-on that suits the needs of 12+ hours of entertainment and comfort.

Before I traveled to China last year to visit our brother, I went on a hunt for the perfect carry-on bag. Requirements included but were not limited to lots of storage pockets, designated compartment for laptop/iPad, and easy access to documents like tickets and passport. After searching the blogosphere and Pinterest I found the answer! Unfortunately, many others had as well and the bag was on back order until after my trip. I bit the bullet anyways and spent way more than I ever would have because I knew it was a good investment. This bag has surely not been a disappointment and still serves as my bag for my daily work commute. And what is this bag you may ask? Lo & Sons O.G.

Their site has engaging videos and photos that show all the features of their bags. I took their lead and snapped some photos as I packed for my recent trip to Turkey. I am by no means a travel expert but I’ve made a few stops around the world and learned some tips along the way.


From top left:
Eye mask & Neck Pillow: necessities for sleep
Travel Books: to read, prep and share with my travel partners en route
Us Weekly: longtime subscriber and they don’t offer a free iPad version (Real Simple, In Style and Vanity Fair were loaded up digitally to save space and weight)
Travel Wallet: typically I do a wallet cleanse before a big trio and take out all the gift cards and other miscellaneous to make it easy to navigate the necessities.
iPad Keyboard, and Case (fits keyboard and iPad): I keep a travel blog that I share with family and friends to log days away; it not only keeps you in touch, you’ll be amazed at how much you forget by the end of the trip. Travel Pod also allows you to create books using your entires and photos!
Frends Headphones: my new daily faves!
Chargers and converters: and iPad camera connector
Traveling medicine cabinet: toothbrush, toothpaste, eye drops. Lip balm, hand sanitizer, Tide pen, deodorant, pens, Advil, vitamins and some sleeping assistance
Monogrammed Passport Case : I love monogrammed things, necklaces, bags, notecards, you name it. My dear friend got me this as a holiday gift this year!
Travel jewelry case: I travel with my jewelry in my carry-on, just in case!
(Not pictured but necessary: compression socks!)

All zipped up!


Empty & Packed

20130508-215256.jpg                    20130508-215303.jpg

My absolute favorite part of this bag when navigating airports and beyond is its ability to slide over the handle of a suitcase and not flop off.