Mini Mallow Man


Who doesn’t love a craft that you can snack on the ingredients while making!

Mini marshmallows
Pretzel Sticks
Construction Paper
White Paint
Black Paint or Black Marker
Orange Paint or Orange Marker
Smithing to hold paint

Draw three circles to make an outline of your snowman. I traced three different sized circular objects in the attempt to create perfect circles.


Using glue trace around one circle and allow your child to place the mini marshmallows on the glue. Continue the same way with the last two circles.


Using glue draw two lines off of the middle circle for the arms. Have your child place a pretzel stick on top of the lined glue for the snow mans arms.


Have your child dip a mini marshmallow into white paint, like a stamp, and use the marshmallow to make snow!

Paint on a hat, eyes, a mouth and buttons with the black paint. And a carrot nose, with the orange paint.

Allow to dry.
First winter craft of many! Enjoy!


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