Balancing Act


Top: J.Crew, old style (new edition ) | Necklace: Lola Accessory Boutique | Shorts: Madewell (old)


Felt Board & Matching Ice Cream Color Game


I came across this fabulous DIY tutorial for a felt board and color matching game on Mamma, Papa, Bubba. I strayed from their felt board tutorial and created my own, but stuck to their adorable ice cream and ice cream cone matching game. One important piece of advice…SHARP, SHARP, SHARP SCISSORS! Although short lived, for now, Reagan loved this activity!



Cork Board – whatever size you like- I found a large framed cork board at target for around $10.00

SHARP Scissors

Large Sheet of White Felt- I got one yard of white felt and have a lot left over. You just need enough to cover your board.

Various Smaller Sheets of Multiple Colors of Felt (the JoAnn Fabrics near our house sells felt squares, that worked perfectly) I purchased two beige squares for the cones and single squares of red, brown, orange, blue, yellow, green and pink for the ice cream and matching circles.

Hot Glue Gun and Glue





1) Iron the large white felt sheet to remove any bumps and/or creases.

2) Lay the white sheet of felt on top of the cork board and trace, with a marker, around the inside of the cork board molding.IMG_2659


3) With your SHARP scissors cut along the traced lines.IMG_2662

4) Using your hot glue gun, attached the white sheet of felt to the cork board. I did very small areas at a time, pulling the fabric so that it lined right up against the molding and showed no cork board. I only applied glue along the edges of the cork board. I did not glue anywhere in the middle of the board. ( the picture is from before glueing)


5) Using a ruler or free hand; draw a cone on the beige piece of square felt (size will depend on how large or small you want your cones to be). Cut out the drawn cone and trace it to create however many cones you may need. Cut all cones out. Early Learning Activities have fabulous printables that can be printed, cut out and traced. I free-handed my first cone…not too shabby!


6) Free hand an ice cream scoop or print, cut and trace Early Learning Activities free printable. Trace the cut out scoop onto each colored felt square. Cut out all scoops.


7) Trace the quarter on matching color squares to the ice cream scoops previously cut out. Cut out circles.


8) Using a hot glue gun, glue one colored circle to each ice cream cone.


9) Ta Da! And there you have it!



At first I left all of the cones on the board and handed Reagan one color scoop at a time and said ‘Here is a (color scoop), can you find the (color circle) that is the SAME as your ice cream scoop?’ I then left all of the scoops on the board and did the same having her match the cones to the matching scoop. ‘Here is a (color circle), can you find the (color scoop) that is the SAME as your cone circle?’ After repeating these two activities multiple times. I placed the cones on the board and scattered the scoops next to Reagan and had her match the scoop to the cone independently. I would randomly ask her the color of each cone and/or scoop. Reagan enjoyed this activity and I can definitely see her color identification skills strengthening with the continued use of this activity!



Reagan walked around the board to place the orange, blue, brown and pink scoops on the cones, which is the reason why they are upside down.
IMG_2717IMG_2718 How could you not love this face!


polka dots and floral denim

IMG_2523Yesterday was weigh in day for Reagan. She hasn’t been gaining adequate weight, her growth chart for weight has plateaued when it should be climbing. She’s a picky eater, a snacker and dislikes eating a full meal. My husband and I try everything; last night it was taking turns feeding each other…one for Reagan, one for mommy, one for daddy- with daddy clapping ridiculously after we each took our bites. Some meals she eats fantastically, others…not so much. We offer her everything we eat, plus some. I can’t, however, be a short order cook for my 20 month old. At Reagan’s 18 month checkup, she weighed 22lbs. Yesterday, two months later, she gained a measly 6 ounces. UGH!!! So needless to say she has been referred for Food Therapy. Luckily, she has been refered to a clinic of a friend of my mother’s, so there is some comfort in knowing that we will be in good hands. I’m not 100% sure as to what Food Therapy will entail; I will post on that after her initial evaluation at the end of the month.

Enough about that and on to these super cute peach polka dots! This top is actually a onsie underneath, which is genius, because it keeps Reagan from taking her top off…which she has been doing lately and always in public- the library is her number one pick for her favorite place to remove her clothing- which isn’t the best place, because the librarians aren’t the friendliest and always look at me like I’m a horrible mother. Nevertheless, we continue to go each week and continue to get the same stares from the same women. You would think that they would just get over it already and find something else to negatively glare at.



Neon yellow flowers…yes please! These shorts are a very thin denim, have a button fly and an adjustable waist band. Adjustable waist bands are a dream for my tiny waisted toddler.

The beloved Children’s Place sandals. I think it may be time to retire these beauties. For $19.95, they totally have gotten their fair share of ware.

What She’s Wearing

Polka Dot Top from Gap Kids (similar) I purchased this top in the store and on SUPER sale. Unfortunately, I can’t locate online :(

Neon Floral Shorts from Gap

Sandals from The Children’s Place




I absolutely adore these Janie & Jack seersucker shorts! The ruffles and sailor button design are absolutely precious, and best of all, the shorts are on sale now!   The Mommy’s Love Bird Shirt is a fabulous Old Navy hand-me-down from Reagan’s fashionable cousin, Grace.  Unfortunately, the shirt is several years old, so is no longer available.  However, both Gap Kids and Old Navy have absolutely adorable shirts that would go perfectly with these seersuckers!

It was raining outside again today, so Reagan decided to take Colby for a walk inside.  Doesn’t he look thrilled?  He’s such a good sport!  Yay for best friends!

What She’s Wearing

Ruffle Stripe Seersucker Short from Janie & Jack

Bird Shirt from Old Nay (similar )

Chuck Taylors from Converse

Sport Quarter Sock from Ralph Lauren