Forever 21 Finds

The other day while waiting to check out at Forever 21 in Soho I noticed one of the sales associates with a pile of untagged jewelry at the register. Among the pile I spotted what appeared to be lookalikes of Stella & Dot’s Renegade Cluster Bracelet . Although I’ve seen it on countless of the fashion blogs I read, it was never something I was dying to have.

At $59, the bracelet was too trendy to be worthy of that price tag.  But for a Forever 21 price, sure! Why not?  I immediately spoke up and asked him if they were for sale. He shot back with a sharp “no” and looked back down at the keyboard. I put my headphones back on and continued to wait in line. Less than a minute later the girl behind me in line was tapping on my shoulder and pointing to the guy. He asked if I still wanted them because they were available and he was searching for the price. I quickly replied yes and he said he’d keep looking. The girl who had tapped me on the shoulder did so again but this time asked if I was going to buy both the silver and the gold. She looked bummed when I told her yes and then rolled up her sleeve to reveal that she was wearing the renegade cluster and said, “it looks just like the Stella and Dot one!” Although it’s not an exact replica, as there are no crystal clusters, for the $6.80 price tag, it’s well worth adding it into a future stack.


Forever’s version (only silver available online)


Spot Clean Polyester

I recently purchased a top from forever 21 for the bargain price of $24.99! I wore it once and got god knows what on the front of it…shocker- spilling something down the front of your clothes, especially when in public, runs in the family. So in an attempt to save the top for a few more wears, I don’t expect much in the quality category from forever 21, I’m straying from the wash by hand directions and spot cleaning and throwing in the washer.

The shirt is 100% polyester, again…I didn’t expect much in the quality category. When I think polyester, I think itchy school uniforms that I wore for 10 years of my life, skin crawling thought.

The tag directs the owner to hand wash cold, not to bleach, to line dry, to iron low and to not dry clean. I’m going to wing it and spot treat with Shout Advanced, and then wash individually using ALL Allergen Free detergent, with cold water on the permanent press cycle.

Random Stains on the front of the shirt.

image image

Shouting out the stain- I didn’t rub the stains, as suggested on the back of the bottle. I dabbed the stains because the fabric is super thin. I allowed the Shout to sit on the stains for five minutes before washing.

image image

After a quick wash in cold water, with ALL Allergen Free detergent on the permanent press cycle…the stains were gone! I line dried the shirt and it’s as good as new!