Jean Jacket Search

It can still get a little chilly some days here in Rochester and the temperature definitely drops when the sun goes down.  I’ve been on the look out for a super cute jean jacket for Reagan for those days when a heavy sweatshirt is too much and a light sweater isn’t enough. I  haven’t had much luck in the size department, it’s one of those things that I really want…so it’s inevitable that her size will always be sold out or the only one left in her size will be defective; with a gigantic red stain on the front.

I was up before Reagan this morning, to see my husband off on a motorcycle trip, so I decided to do a little searching.

I found some super cute jackets, between twenty and fifty dollars, and available in her size! Now, the question is…which ones do I order?


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From left to right:

Gap- Classic Denim Jacket , Old Navy Jean , Peek ‘Wright’ Denim Jacket , Levi’s Trucker Jacket

Floral Print Jeans

I’m totally in love with floral print pants for toddler’s. They seem to be a go to piece for Reagan these past few weeks as this Rochester weather figures itself out. Jeans weather is my ultimate favorite.  I love a comfy pair of jeans paired with a t-shirt, a light sweater and sandals. (The lovely bruise is a result of a deck spill at Ev’s house… this poor girls head sure does always hit the ground first…97 percentile or greater…boom!)


Janie and Jack has several precious and super soft cotton t-shirts (similar)

Ralph Lauren’s Cotton Sweaters are fabulous and wash really well (similar)

Gap’s floral print jeans are my favorite (similar)

Old Navy Flip Flops are super cute and come in several different colors

OPI Nail Polish in Grand Canyon Sunset

Chilly May Library Attire

I love shopping for Reagan!  Not only are the clothes in her size super cute, but she will pretty much wear anything that I put on her.

Monday’s are library days for Reagan and her cousins.  Comfy clothes are in order, since there is a lot of quiet sitting and not a whole lot of movement…who am I kidding…she is all over every inch of the kids section of the library.  She sits and listens during story time, sings songs, reads books, plays with blocks and puzzles, colors, plays on the computer, climbs stairs to gaze at the beautiful doll house, puts on puppet shows and drenches herself every single time that she attempts to drink out of the water fountain.

It was rather chilly this morning here in Rochester, 46 degrees…perfect jeans weather!


I love this zipper sweat shirt jacket from Gap Kids.  Its super soft and buttons as well as zips.  This double closure is fantastic for Reagan, because she is becoming a pro at unzipping and taking things off, but hasn’t yet figured out buttons.  If she gets the zipper down, I know the jacket will stay on. Unfortunately, I can’t locate the jacket online.  It was purchased in NYC, off of the sales rack, about a month ago.

Reagan’s adorable raspberry colored crocheted hat was purchased at Old Navy back in February. Check out these adorable crocheted hats

Reagan rocks Chucks, just like her daddy! I love this aqua color!

The ‘tu tu cute’ long sleeved  gray shirt is from Old Navy- similar graphic t’s.  These cotton shirts are my go to for Reagan.  The cotton is super soft and cleans fabulously!  The only problem that we have with these shirts, is that I find them to be short in the torso, so I always buy a size up.

These Old Nay colored jeans are a huge hit with Reagan.  Reagan owns  4 different pairs of these jeans.  She’s very proud of herself when she searches through her pants drawer and finds the color that she’s looking for!  These jeans do stretch out, however, it takes several hours for them to do so.

Socks!! It took forever to find the perfect socks for Reagan.  Her feet were growing, but she still needed tread on the bottoms of her socks- We have wood flooring and tile throughout our home, with the exception of Reagan’s room. – These reindeer socks are from Janie and Jack.  Here are the same socks but with kite’s on them- Reagan has these too!

Perfect library outfit for a chilly Rochester day!