The Itch

I’m a stay at home mom and love my job! However, there are those days that I feel the need for adult interaction – sans kiddos. That my education and all my hard work throughout my school years are going to waste. That if I had time to get a hair cut (haven’t had one since I was 8 months preggers- Reagan’s 16 months), my nails done (haven’t had a mani or a pedi since I was 2 months preggers), and get a much needed massage (not since before I was pregnant) all in the same day, the same week or even the same month…I would feel like a new woman.

It’s not a feeling that I have on a daily basis, it sneaks up on me every once in awhile. When I do actually act on the urge to get out and do something for myself- it just seems like it’s more work than it’s worth and I always want to hurry home or whenever I have left Reagan.

I will always have my fabulous friends to spend time with sans kiddos, my education can never be taken away from me; I can put it to good use whenever I see fit and beauty salons aren’t going anywhere. My daughter is numero uno and won’t be a toddler forever. I’m so fortunate to be able to spend so much time with her as she grows up…even if I do look a hot mess while doing it.



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