Camo Pants

Camo Patterned Pants
From Top Left:  Rag & Bone jeans /Joie army pants / Tripp low rise jeans / Mango drawstring pants / TEXTILE Elizabeth and James jeans / Winsor Camoflauge pants / Baldwin Denim camouflage jeans / Forever 21 cotton pants / Urban Renewal cotton pants/   

Camo pants have become a new staple and I find that they go with more than you would think.  I passed a pair at Gap in March that I was considering purchasing but still wasn’t sure if I would wear them often enough.  It wasn’t until I saw that they were sold out online that I realized I would be disappointed if I didn’t go buy them (this has happened more than once before).  Luckily, when in NYC, you can walk to the closest Gap in no time and when they are sold out there, they can call the store ten blocks away and within an hour you can have them in your hands!  I have worn mine with pink flats, sneakers, striped t-shirts and graphic tees…the possibilities seem endless. Since the Gap ones have sold out, I found a mix of high and lows and different fits.  How would you wear them?


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