Marshmallows & Sparkles

Marshmallows and sparkle shoes equals a fantastic start to the day for this little one! Another gloomy Rochester morning had Reagan and I packed up and headed for the museum. The Strong National Museum of Play is a fantastic place for all ages and it’s even more fantastic during the week when the chance of running into a crowd of people is slim-to-none. We have our ‘normal’ museum routine…attempt to get there when it opens at 10am, eat our packed lunch at 11:45 and be out the door by 12:30 and pray that there is NO sleeping in the car! The boys couldn’t join us on our last-minute adventure, total bummer :(

I made the mistake of grabbing socks while holding Reagan and of course she saw these Weitzman’s, that I got for a steal at Marshalls, hidden in her sock drawer because they are two sizes too big. She insisted on wearing them around the house before we left; she is definitely her aunts niece. I snuck her sneaks on while she was busy chowing down on a marshmallow, with her eyes glued to Sesame Street.


The fish are a favorite…’oooo, mommy-Nemo!’



I have to say that I was über confused by the toilet seat coverings in the bathroom- I’m 5’2 and I couldn’t reach and successfully pull off a cover without ripping it in half. A tall man or woman must have installed this contraption or, as my husband suggested, they probably didn’t want to drill through the tile. I’m assuming that the latter of the two is probably correct. But man is it hard to pop a squat while trying to contain an 18 month old…my thighs were burning… I need to start exercising.


Another awesome trip to the museum, even if it was sans toilet seat covering.


The striped onesie, similar , is from Gap and is fantastic because it’s super thin and extra soft!

The jeans are also from Gap. This pair is similar, just in a darker wash.

The sweater is from the Ralph Lauren Outlet. White is such a dangerous color at this age, but I love a comfy white cardigan and the pastel purple horse doesn’t hurt either! Here is a similar one.

The amazing ballet flats are Stuart Weitzman. I found these for a steal at Marshall’s. Here’s a size 7 on ebay.


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