Favorite Place to Be


Everyone has a favorite place; whether it be a cozy reading chair in the corner of their bedroom or a destination location that they can’t wait to get back to. When asked the other day if I had a favorite place, I didn’t even bat an eyelash before going into detail about the best place on earth, and no, I’m not talking about Disney World. Simcoe Island is hands down my favorite place to be. This island, though tiny, is bright, beautiful and full of so much life, love and…cocktails- yes, we do drink our fair share.

Simcoe Island is home to my families cottage. But not just my immediate family, my mother’s brother and her sisters families too! It by no means accommodates (has beds for all) everyone at the same time, but we make it work and it does just that..it works and it’s amazing! Family makes everything better and this place, although amazing on it’s own, wouldn’t be as fabulous without all of the cousins, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters that have the true pleasure of being able to call this place their cottage!

There is not one single thing that you need to worry about when you’re at the cottage. If you brought enough food and alcohol, you don’t even need to leave the island! But if you do leave; it’s to Wolfe Island or Kingston to head to a restaurnat to have a meal, to a bar to hear a band, to one of the local stores for a delicious ice cream cone, to the bakery for a delectible treat or to church for Sunday morning mass (with the good catholic that my mother is).

The dock is perfect, the water is clear and there is everything or nothing to do. The cottage has definetly changed for me since Reagan was born. It was all beer pong, quarters and euchre before I was pregnant. Now it’s kiddie floats and tea parties–which have turned into the new reasons why I love this place.

Visits to the cows are a staple and boat rides are a must!

The three hour drive, ferry rides, and boarder crossing are all totally worth it and add such a fabulous touch to my favorite place!

Reagan, my mom and I had a blast over Memorial Day weekend at the cottage with several family members. Although a strong north wind kept us from froliking in our suits, it was still the perfect trip. A truly fabulous place <3

Here are some pictures from our trip this past weekend.

ferry ride to Wolfe Island


ferry ride to SimcoeIMG_9591

cousin tea partyIMG_9243

never too young to play

Snuck out of church early…shhh, don’t tell grandma


Reagan wanted her sandals on too


deliciously dangerous, enough said



Reagan saw her first deer and fawn! So beautiful! (Excuse the crappy, zoomed in camera phone shot)


dirt/rock road seriously overloaded Reagan with her rock obsession. She was amazed!




Only rules you need to follow

Never wanting to leave




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