Slime Time!

IMG_0279I’ve been wanting to make slime with Reagan for a while now.  However, I either always forget to pick up Borax when I’m at the grocery or get so frustrated in the cleaning aisle because (a) I have no idea what I’m looking for and (b) there seems to never be anyone around to ask for help.  Reagan and I lucked out yesterday while at the grocery and got ourselves some Borax!  A sweet older woman who was stocking shelves showed us where it was and then told us how it was a popular cleaning product when she was Reagan’s age.  She remembered her mother using it to clean the cloth diapers that her and her siblings wore.  She was super sweet and thanked us for the memories.  The commercials (1 & 2) are fabulous.  With this gigantic box of Borax, I better start finding some uses for it around the house.  I mean, check out that Mule Team on the front of the box…this stuff must be AMAZING!!

So now that we had our Borax, we were ready to make some slime!



4 oz bottle of glue

1/8 cup of water

1/2 tablespoon Borax

Bowl for mixing

Spoon/Spatula for stirring

Food Coloring – optional


Run tap to get hot water.  Remove top of glue bottle and hold glue bottle under tap and allow for hot water to fill empty space at the top of the glue bottle.  Obviously, you want the tap running slowly.


Return cap to top of bottle and shake.


In a small bowl combine the water, Borax and glue. Continuously stir until combine.


Our slime turned out to be more of a silly putty texture than a slime texture.  I was totally picturing the final product being something ooey and gooey, kinda like the Ghost Buster Slime…which this turned out to be nothing like…bummer.  The putty texture was interesting and was one that Reagan had never felt before.  She really enjoyed the new texture and had fun cutting off pieces, rolling them into balls and serving them for us as a snack!


After she was done playing, I stored the slime…putty in a plastic zip lock bag.  I’m not sure how well it will keep, but it doesn’t hurt to try.  With the size of the Borax box that we got, it was the only size they had, we can make putty for the entire neighborhood.



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