Shaped Foods

Squares are boring, but flowers are fun! The quest continues for creative ways to get Reagan to eat something other than snacks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, no matter how important, are just not on Reagan’s to-do-list. We’ve found, at times, making meal time fun- engages her in eating just a little bit more.
If Reagan had the choice of what to have for lunch, she’d choose an orange popsicle and a cheese stick. She would then prefer to eat while playing in the sandbox. I’m totally for popsicles, cheese sticks and playing in sandboxes, but not at the same time.

I’d like to sit at the table and attempt to eat somewhat of a nutritious meal…such a horrible mom, in Reagan’s eyes, I know… But manners are important and instilling them at an early age is important too.

So yesterday to get Reagan to eat most of a grilled cheese (that I hid her probiotic and DHA in) I gave her choices. Not choices of what to eat, although that does happen often, but the choice of the shape that she would eat.

She loved picking out a shape and then creating something new out of her boring square sandwich!







Flower Power! The sandwich was eaten with no complaints!
There’s a party in her tummy…so yummy, so yummy! Oh dear lord, I just quoted Yo Gabba Gabba- So Yummy!


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