We love this guy!


My boys sure do love their dad! He is the one who can make them laugh more than anyone else, is the most fun to play super heros with and is the one big H loves to snuggle up with at night. For Father’s Day this year we decided to get him something to help with his half marathon training and knew that he would love these Lululemon shorts. We also picked up this cool bottle opener that he can hang on a tree at the cottage. He loved both of course but what he loved the most, and always does, was our homemade project. As usual I got the idea somewhere on Pinterest. I seriously wish I had an ounce of the creativity that I find on that site. What did we ever do without it??

The only supplies that we needed were one of daddy’s ties, a pair of his dress shoes, a camera and two little boys in just their underpants and diaper. To say that either one of them are at ages to be cooperative when it comes to taking photos would be completely untrue as evidenced by the countless outtakes that surfaced of little H about to burst into tears and Big H not being able to stand still. We did manage to get a couple that daddy loved and that’s all that matters.



He couldn’t wait to take them to work and put them on his desk. He loves to show off his boys! We spent that day hanging out inside watching movies and playing games since the weather decided not to cooperate with our other plans. There may have been some ice cream involved too…daddy’s favorite! I was going through our pics since little H was born and there seems to be a trend with him in our family shots that I hope doesn’t continue…




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