From Polo Shirts and Baseball Hats to Tank Tops and Tattoos



Two firsts this weekend: Professional Golf and Professional Motocross.

The PGA took place in my home town this week and I attended the tournament on Friday morning, with my dad, in the rain. I’m not a huge golf fan, but jumped at the opportunity to attend the event and spend the day with my dad.




My thoughts on the PGA and golf in general…. First of all its super quiet, no one talks and if you do and at the wrong time, a volunteer of the PGA throws you a dirty look, while pointing directly at you. Second of all, the questions that I asked my dad throughout our rainy stay were those of a novice golf watcher and those of one that was obviously more concerned about the attire of the golf participants than the game itself. My questions included such things as- do caddies have to wear shorts? Do golfers have to wear pants? Why are the golfers pants so tight? After about three hours in the rain and breaking the rules by taking a few pictures, of god only knows who, we headed to a local hole in the wall for a yummy breakfast. The rest of the week was fabulous and my family had a wonderful time basking in the sun and watching the amazing golfers that came to town. I was the lucky winner of the only crappy 2013 PGA Championship day…shocker! Congratulations to Jason Dufner (#JasonDufner) for dominating Oak Hill!


Unadilla Pro National MX in New Berlin, New York was a fun filled family day!






My husband rode dirt bikes as a kid and jumped at the chance to take us to see the Pros race. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect! The sun was shining and a slight breeze blew just the right amount of cool air to keep you comfortable! The crowd was large and the bikes were loud…Reagan LOVED it! We found the most perfect shaded spot, laid out our blanket and settled in for what was an exciting afternoon! Of course I had the mundane novice questions for my husband…how much do the bikes weigh? Do they wear cups? How much do they get paid? Etc. We had a blast and can’t wait for next year!
Congrats to Ryan Villopoto (#RyanVillopoto) for being untouchable in the 450 Class and Eli Tomac (#EliTomac) for leading the 250 Class!!!



Life is good!


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