Water Bottle Diapers


Super simple and super cute! These diapers added the perfect touch of white among the purples and florals that adorned the shower.


1 yard white fabric- (I purchased white fabric on sale from JoAnne Fabrics for $2.99 a yard and used a 40% off coupon that they continually have on their site http://www.joann.com/coupon/)
Safety Pins
Water Bottles
( the yard of tule made 10 bottle diapers)


Remove label from bottle.
Fold yard of tule in half.
Cut a piece of tule that is about 12 inches long and 4 inches wide.( you should have a double layer, with the fold included)

Place bottle on cut piece of fabric ( you may want to use a small piece of scotch tape to secure fabric to bottle). Roll bottle to tightly wrap fabric around the bottle. I wrapped the bottle where you would hold it while drinking.

Secure fabric with safety pin.

And there you have it! An adorable touch for a girl or boy baby shower!
The ‘diapers’ that didn’t end up in the trash, I removed from the bottles and stored away for the next baby shower!


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