Baby Banner


Totally in LOVE with pictures from my families childhood. I love looking through pictures of my husband and his siblings from when they were younger; the family resemblance is uncanny and my daughter is looking more and more like her father everyday.

In between each letter; I attached pictures of my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. I asked both of their mothers for a few pictures from birth to around age one and true to mothers everywhere; I got TONS of pictures! I picked similar pictures of each person to clip next to each other (ie- eating in a high chair, playing outside, in the tubbie, etc.). I wish that I had a close up picture of the banner, but with the hustle and bustle of hosting a baby shower, I didn’t get the chance:(

Paint for letters ( I didn’t have purple paint, so I mixed pink and blue to make purple)
Paint brush
Paper for making a flag pattern
Bakers twine
Mini clothes pins
Two small nails


Using a piece of paper, measure out the size of the flag that you want. My flags had 8 inch sides. Draw the flag on the piece of paper and then cut it out so that you have a pattern to trace on your chosen fabric. I wrote the letter ‘B’ in my cut out pattern to make sure that the size of the letters that I wanted fit inside my flag.




Trace your flag shape onto your chosen fabric. Cut out your flag and write the chosen letter onto the fabric. I free handed my letters, but using a ruler would leave you with straighter lines.



I didn’t have purple paint, so I mixed blue and pink until I came up with a purple that I was happy with. Paint your traced letter on your fabric flag. I did two coats of paint, allowing the first to dry completely before applying the second.

I used mini clothes pins, found at a craft store, to attach the pictures and flags to a piece of bakers twine. I cut strips of left over fabric to tie bows at the ends of the banner. The banner hung from two small nails that were inserted into the top of the mantle. No one will ever notice the holes, unless they are 10 feet tall and have super vision.
The end result was adorable! The lit candles added the perfect touch.



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