An Organized Attempt


Life changes drastically when you have a baby. However, when that baby becomes a toddler, life becomes a whole new type of crazy!
If we thought we were busy before; add into the mix school, swim and dance lessons, play dates, story hour at the library, nap time, along with lunches and dinners with family and friends.

My husband is an insanely talented and uber busy Realtor, that sometimes needs an extra reminder when he’s wanted at a preschool Halloween party or an extended family dinner. I decided to create a large color coded calendar to help both my husband and I get organized by seeing the month laid out somewhere other than on our cell phones. Each month I highlight in yellow the events that I would like for my husband to attend. I do still verbally tell him what’s going on throughout the month, but this calendar gives me my, ‘ yes, you did know about this’ when he tells his mother that I never told him about dinner at her house. :) Other events such as our daughters doctors appointments and school activities are listed, so that I don’t forget and if my husband has time, he can join us.


Large Sheet of Paper
Pen or Pencil
Paint Brush
Markers- not pictured

Measure and square off the size of calendar that you want.


Measure the length of the vertical side of your calendar and divide the length by the number of weeks in that month.
23 inches divided by 6 weeks equals 3.8333
So each line should be about 4 inches apart.

Take the number 7 (number of days in a week) and divide it into the length of the horizontal line of the square.
23 inches divided by 7 equals 3.285
So each horizontal line should be about 3 inches apart.

Label the days of the week.

Make sure to check a calendar to assure yourself that you are starting to number on the correct day of the week. Number your calendar and add a name to the top.

Add in to dos.

Highlight what you need that special busy someone to attend.

Hang on fridge.


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