Feeling Lucky

I recently purchased a pair of Lucky Brand boots, similar,  from a fabulous tiny shop in a neighboring town.  I have searched for the past few years for tall fall boots that are slim enough  for my tiny calf’s.  This is the only pair of boots that I have found that I can’t fit my entire arm down while wearing.  Being completely satisfied with my purchase, I decided to take a look at the online Lucky Brand store…What I found was amazing!

Lucky has a fabulous sale happening right now!  Lucky Brand sale items are on sale! Here are the pieces that I’m contemplating purchasing for Reagan:
















(1) Madonna Bay City T-Shirt (2) Zoe Desert Jegging (3) Stars and Stripes Tee (4) Riley Discharged Printed Denim

(5) Multi Striped Tribes Tank (6) Hooded Intarsia Wrap (7) Shearling Jacket

Happy Shopping! Lucky Brand



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