Practicing The Finer Skills


In an effort to be more organized for you, our reader, you can expect to find something to do with your kiddo on Mondays when you visit! Sorting activities strengthen a child’s logical-mathematical intelligence. In an effort to build on what Reagan already knows; removing stickers and pressing down firmly for stamps to work efficiently. And to strengthen weaker skills; color identification and sorting. I put together two quick and easy activities that assist in the strengthening of color identification, sorting, fine motor and verbal skills.


Tri-Color Labeling Circles

Create and label three separate categories. Add a corresponding color dot to each named category. While pointing to each color, verbally say the name of the color to your child.


Explain to your child what you are looking for them to do. If needed, place one dot, as an example.
Give your child a sticker sheet and allow for them to peel and place circles in corresponding categories. Lend assistance when needed. I redirect Reagan when a color ends up in the wrong category. I say: is this blue circle, pointing to the sticker that she just placed, the same as this red circle? pointing to the color category that she placed her sticker in. At this point she recognizes that the colors are not the same and moves the circle to the correct category.




Create a category for each stamp. Follow the same directions as with the labeling circles. The only difference with the stamps is that once it’s placed in the incorrect category, it obviously can’t be moved. We just use a pen and cross out the misplaced stamps.


Fun activities that assist in the strengthening of several skills!

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