Practicing The Finer Skills


In an effort to be more organized for you, our reader, you can expect to find something to do with your kiddo on Mondays when you visit! Sorting activities strengthen a child’s logical-mathematical intelligence. In an effort to build on what Reagan already knows; removing stickers and pressing down firmly for stamps to work efficiently. And to strengthen weaker skills; color identification and sorting. I put together two quick and easy activities that assist in the strengthening of color identification, sorting, fine motor and verbal skills.


Tri-Color Labeling Circles

Create and label three separate categories. Add a corresponding color dot to each named category. While pointing to each color, verbally say the name of the color to your child.


Explain to your child what you are looking for them to do. If needed, place one dot, as an example.
Give your child a sticker sheet and allow for them to peel and place circles in corresponding categories. Lend assistance when needed. I redirect Reagan when a color ends up in the wrong category. I say: is this blue circle, pointing to the sticker that she just placed, the same as this red circle? pointing to the color category that she placed her sticker in. At this point she recognizes that the colors are not the same and moves the circle to the correct category.




Create a category for each stamp. Follow the same directions as with the labeling circles. The only difference with the stamps is that once it’s placed in the incorrect category, it obviously can’t be moved. We just use a pen and cross out the misplaced stamps.


Fun activities that assist in the strengthening of several skills!


Christmas Photo Time!

IMG_1831It’s mid November and time to start planning for the 2013 Christmas card! I would absolutely love to do another photo card of the entire family, but since my husband was appalled by my photo choice for last year, above photo,  he has kindly suggested that we just keep this year about Reagan.

We had some lovely pictures taken by EIEIO Photography a few weeks back and the shots of Reagan are definetly Christmas card worthy. However, I have been admiring Kristen Koppers Photography on Facebook for sometime now, so when she posted a children’s only Mini Session on Facebook; I jumped at the opportunity to work with her! The session is super short, no time for a change of clothes and only one background.

This is ultimately a session for the Christmas card, so ‘Christmasy’ attire is in order.

This is part of the email sent by the photographer:
Each session is about 20 minutes. I will be using a cream background and a cream wood floor as well as my cream “shaggy” rug. I have lots of organic/ earthy trees/ greenery with some vintage crates, stools and chairs. I recommend keeping clothing classic.

I adore the word classic.

Classic Choices…

1. Casey Cardigan 2. Button Down Oxford Shirt 3. Gigi Pant 4. Patent Tortoise Ballet Flats

1.Plaid Bow Back Top 2.Gigi Pant in Velvet Dot 3.Glitter Bow Oxfords

I’m in love with the plaid shirt, but worry about the ‘tent’ look on my super tiny kiddo. Reagan loves the sparkle shoes, so I would love to snag a pair in her size, regardless if they ended up making the photo cut. Here’s hoping we find what we want in her size!

Christmas Card Savings:

Snapfish – 30% off with code HOLIDAY2013

tinyprints – 25% off with code SW1117

ShutterFly – 40% off with code UP40CARDS

Friday Favorites

On the world wide web, I come across countless articles, videos, photos and sales every week.  Some are worth sharing and others…well they’re not.  To share some favorite links from the week along with some upcoming sales to plan your weekend shopping, we are beginning a new series on Fridays.

Most Loved Links of the Week:

Lena Dunham interviews Mindy Kaling in this hilarious article

Jenna Lyons (J.Crew God) shares her 10 fashion commandments and why she thinks trend is a dirty word

If you aren’t already following @aliemartell on Twitter, you should go do that. Right now.  She writes for Cosmo and always has the best tweets and shared links.  Hudson even got a shout out this week!

Who doesn’t love a Friends themed Buzzfeed?  This one got me so excited to be home soon for Thanksgiving!

It seems like every time I go on Facebook these days someone is engaged, married or pregnant.  I’m sure you’ve an example of each one of the 5 most Annoying Facebook Engagement announcements.  (Apologies if you did one of these)

Our mom hated Abercrombie when I was a teenager, I don’t think it was around for Erin and Meaghan, was it?  She would’ve hated it for you guys too.  It was loud, had an overwhelming cologne smell and the clothes were way overpriced.    The CEO also happens to be a jerk.  Check out why and thanks mom, you really do always know best!

Damsel in Dior is one of my all time favorite blogs!  Her style and taste are impeccable and her holiday gift guide is a must read; I’ve already picked several things for people on my list.

I was on Nike’s site the other day checking out some dunks because I love mine and they are really killing it with woman’s shoes.  I want these, these and winter boots, yes please!

J.Crew is currently having a sale with an additional sale.  40% already markdown prices and even better if you have a student or teacher ID you get 15% more on top of that.  I stopped in yesterday and picked up this gorgeous jeweled sweater in gray and this striped sweater with the blue back.  I also love this, this and this!  I spotted my favorite boots this fall on sale in store for $199 yesterday.  They are still full price online but an incredible deal with the discount.  Check your local store! (I should never be allowed near a J.Crew store or site during these sales!)

Happy Reading and TGIF!

Thanksgiving Themed Crafts

We have a blast crafting and when it’s an idea that Reagan came up with; it’s even more fun! We’ve been reading various Thanksgiving themed books preparing for the upcoming holiday. There are several pictures that Reagan points out time after time and the other day she asked if we could make our own turkey and a baby in a bunting ( remember the nursery rhyme : Bye,Bye Baby Bunting). After searching through the craft supplies we found some great pieces to make some fabulously colorful crafts!

Our first craft started a couple days back and can be found here.

These are great fine motor and color identification skill activities!

Popsicle Turkey

Several Popsicle Sticks -we used 8 wide sticks
Paint- I try to stick with washable
Paint Brushes
Cups for Paint
Paper- water color paper is thick and holds up well
Glue- we used modge Podge
Two google eyes
Brown paper
Orange paper
Red paper




Paint one side of each popsicle stick the color of your choosing. Allow to dry.





Place a dab of glue at the bottom of one Popsicle stick. Place another Popsicle stick on top of the first, fanning the second out from the first. Continue this pattern until you’ve used all sticks. I placed something with some weight to it, on top of the sticks to hold them together while drying.


We didn’t have any brown paper, so Reagan painted white water color paper brown, for the turkeys face.
Cut out a brown circle, for the turkeys face and glue on two google eyes.



Using a piece of paper that Reagan painted on earlier that day ( you can use orange and red construction paper); we cut out a beak and a gobble. Using glue, attach both to brown circle. Glue face or the bottom of the top Popsicle stick.

Corn Husk

Reagan was given a fabulous deep red & deep purple corn husk when her class went on their pumpkin patch field trip in the middle of October. Using her fine motor skills; Reagan created this wonderful corn husk!


Dried Corn Husk
Paint Brush



Have your child remove kernels from ear of corn and place into a bowl.

Freehand draw an ear of corn.


Using a paint brush, have your child paint glue onto your drawn ear of corn.


Place kernels on top of glue.


Cut husks off ear and glue at the top of the ear of corn. Press down and allow time to dry.

Prettier than the real thing!

My Little Indians

Instead of making buntings for her babies; Reagan and I decided to use the fabulously colorful feathers, that we found in the craft box, to make super easy headbands.


Colorful feathers
Construction paper
Glue or tape


Cut construction paper into inch/ inch and a half wide strips.

Have your child sort the feathers into colored piles.


Have your child pick a few feathers to line up in the middle of your strip of paper. Glue or tape feathers to paper. When making doll head bands only one strip of paper is needed, when making one for your child two or more strips may be needed. Tape additional strips together.


Wrap strip around head and secure ends with tape. This will allow the headband to fit the head perfectly! Don’t tape to the head!


So much fun!!

Spotlight On: Plaid


1. Plaid Flannel Shirtdress | 2. Classic Plaid Square Scarf | 3. Plaid Vegan Leather Sleeve Coat |
4. Retro Plaid Sweatshirt |5. Golden Bear Sportswear Varsity Jacket (splurge!) | 6. Cropped Plaid Moto |
7. Checked Top With Frill Sleeves | 8. Fireside Vest in Buffalo Plaid | 9. Sheer Plaid Blouse
10. Pleated Mini In Tartan Skirt | 11. Original Mallalieus Boots | 12. Pencil Skirt in Black Watch Plaid
13. Pendleton, The Portland Collection Mugs | 14. Rainy-Day Umbrella