Friday Favorites

Get yourself an extra cup of coffee this Friday

Welcome back to Friday Favorites!  In addition to the holidays, this polar vortex has been quite bitter this week!   I’ve been MIA from the blog for a bit but I am back and ready to share some great stuff with you in the New Year.  As a teacher, I always think about my new year starting in September when it’s a new class, new kids and a fresh start.  I’m not big into the resolution thing as I can never seem to keep them anyway.  However, I hope that 2014 is happier, healthier and more fun than last year and I’m sure it will be with lots of weddings and celebrations coming up!  Happy Reading and TGIF!

Here are some links I loved this week:

100 years of fashion in 100 seconds? Yes, please!

I am so happy that one of my favorite shows, Downton Abbey, is back and it appears that millions of others are as well

New Yorkers will understand

This man and his wife are doing incredible things

We love all things Anthony Bourdain and hope that his plan works out…as I love some chicken rice!

Apple introduced the first iPhone 7 years ago this week and this article was an interesting look back and comparison to our smartphone reliant world today

I’m sure you’ve seen this Olympic commercial floating around this week but maybe you missed this one from the 2012 London games?

I know that I saved those Beanie Babies for a reason (but knowing my luck,  none of mine are worth anything)

Just about every store is having crazy post holiday sales.  Many in store sale sections have been picked through but you can still snag some great deals online from all our favorites!


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