Iceberg, Anyone?


It’s been super cold outside, which has left Reagan and I hanging out at home to avoid the absolutely skin chilling weather outdoors. Hanging out inside all day, with a two-year old, requires this momma to be on her toes. I try to have several projects/activities planned for Reagan that I can easily access when there is down time that needs to be filled. One activity that I’ve been waiting to do with Reagan is Delia Creates awesome iceberg activity. We had just come back from visiting cousins in Kingston, Ontario, where they were recovering from an ice storm that reeked havoc on their small city. We saw beautiful icicles and huge chunks of ice lining the slick streets. Delia’s activity seemed liked the perfect extension for our ice filled trip.



Several Tupperware Containers- we used three

Various things to freeze. We picked things that would float and things that would sink when our containers were filled with water


Iceberg and glacier facts – I wanted to be sure that I was passing on accurate information to Reagan. Find what we used below.

Iceberg and glacier videos and pictures- Visual Learners! Find what we used below.


1. Show pictures and videos about icebergs and glaciers, while telling facts about each. Reagan’s only two, so this part of the activity was very short, specific and to the point.


Videos: Twinkle Trails: Icebergs and Glaciers , Iceberg Collapsing , Iceberg Flipping Over , Moving Iceberg

Facts for Parents: Quick Iceberg Facts , Discovery Kids

Pictures: Glacier and Iceberg Google Images

2. Find small objects around the house that will become a part of your icebergs. Reagan chose a toy car, several small animals, a play mobile person, a plastic banana bunch, and a toy Daisy. Place objects into bowls and fill bowls with water.


3. Place bowls outside to freeze. The bowls could also be placed into the freezer. We left our bowls outside for about 4 hours, in 10 degree weather.


4. Once frozen, talk about how the ice feels and looks. Reagan was in desperate need for a tubbie so we decided to take our project to the bathroom, easier clean up. We placed the plastic ice filled bowls into the warm tub water and watched as our ‘icebergs’ slowly came loose from their ‘glaciers’ (the plastic bowls). Reagan had a blast melting her icebergs! She made various attempts to remove her toys; holding the icebergs under water, holding them under the running faucet and just letting them float around the tub.






So much fun!! Thanks for the idea Delia Creates!


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