Super Soft Rainbow

Reagan’s been on a rainbow kick lately, so this super cute craft was right up her alley. Color identification and fine motor skills are put to good use throughout this activity!


20140323-204336.jpgString or ribbon
Cotton balls
Paper plate
Various colors of construction paper
Markers in corresponding colors to construction paper
Hole punch


Cut several strips of paper- I eyeballed while cutting- ours were not much smaller than an inch wide. Cut the paper the long way and keep the length to the strips. Reagan decided to color the strips; such a great addition!

Cut the paper plate in half and punch a hole, in the plate, towards the top/center.





Swirl glue, covering plate. Cover plate with cotton balls, pressing firmly. Reagan and I talked about the shape of the cotton balls, the color, how they felt and what they were representing within our project.

Squeeze a line of glue towards the cut edge of the paper plate. Reagan picked the order of the strips, lined them up and pressed firmly for them to stay. We talked about the colors and came up with various things that were the same color as our strips- i.e. Green- grass, yellow- sun flower, red-grandmas lipstick and so on. ( the strips are glued on the opposite side of the plate from where the cotton balls were glued)

Cut string or yarn to the length that you want and thread through punched hole, tie ends to secure.


Hang for all to see!

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