Friday Favorites

You’ve almost made it to the weekend! I got an early start today and am heading to Vermont for a wedding. Winter wedding attire can be tricky and I’m always excited to see what everyone else chooses, but most importantly, the bride! TGIF and happy weekend!


We have been marathoning House of Cards but have to break until I’m back in the city, but it is just so good and so is this parody.

Think I need this print after assessing my most recent purchases and them being all leopard because it is a neutral. Duh!

New shoe collaboration from one of my fave bloggers, Stripes & Sequins x Matt Bernson on Shopbop

and then there’s this mother/daughter collaboration on Instagram that is jut about the cutest thing

Have you seen Google Trend’s visualizer? It’s a live time compilation of searches and may inspire you to search some new things you didn’t know you should be reading up on!

Ever wonder what hipster royals would look like? Your wish came true!


Work It Out!


I’ve been trying to get back into a work out routine; it’s only been 3 or so years… Music is a huge motivation for me when I am working out. Whether it be hand picked by an exercise class instructor or a play list that I create for my individual workouts, it’s a huge bonus to have something up beat and motivating.

Songza is my new favorite app, that has introduced me to new music that I would have other wised missed out on. Being a mom of a young two, the music selection in the house ranges from Mickey Mouse Club House to Raffi; Lord Help Me!

Below is my current play list for my treadmill work outs. I hope that you find some motivation in the following jams! Get off that couch and enjoy! I’ve included links to the songs on YouTube as well as to iTunes :)

Burn Ellie Goulding iTunes YouTube

Can’t Hold Us Macklemore and Ryan Lewis iTunes YouTube

Wake Me Up Avicii iTunes YouTube

White Walls Maclemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Schoolboy Q Hollis iTunes YouTube

I Need Your Love Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding iTunes YouTube

Best Day of My Life American Authors iTunes YouTube

Wings Little Mix iTunes (couldn’t link??) YouTube

Work Bitch Britney Spears iTunes YouTube

A Little Party Never Killed Anybody Fergie iTunes YouTube

Happy Pharrell iTunes YouTube

Gone, Gone, Gone Phillip Phillips iTunes YouTube

Spotlight On: Bar Cart

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 5.27.07 PM


I have been eyeing this bar cart for a while now and was so disappointed when it sold out around the holidays and I didn’t make the purchase.  After seeing it again the other day I checked the Target site and not only was it back in stock…it was on sale….with an additional 15% off!  That softened the blow of the shipping cost, something I almost never will pay but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t get it this time around.  We have been growing our bar on a West Elm tray but excited to move it over to an official cart and get some new accessories.

Clockwise from Top Left:

Happy Hour Print | Ice Bucket | Tumbler | Shaker | Cheers Coaster | Polka Dot Coaster

Party Print | Tortoise Glasses | Whisk | Stirrer | Wine Rack

Picture Perfect Puzzle


Rae of Sunshine took beautiful pictures of my niece and created her precious announcement.  I absolutely love this photo, so when it came time to take the announcement off of the fridge, I wasn’t ready to put away the picture.  The card stock that the photo is printed on is thick, so I figured that it was the perfect paper to use for a popsicle stick puzzle.




Modge Podge


Popsicle Sticks

Small Paint Brush



IMG_1758Cut announcement portion off of picture.  Place photo on top of the popsicle sticks and cut off any access photo.


On the back of the photo, place a popsicle stick flat and trace a line down the side of the stick, continue to do this until you run out of room.

IMG_1762Cut along the drawn lines.

IMG_1767Using the Mod Podge and a small paint brush, cover the back of each picture strip.  Place each strip evenly onto the popsicle sticks, making sure that one is in line with the other. Once glue is dry, using a small paint brush, cover the top of each popsicle stick with the Mod Podge.  Allow to dry.  The Mod Podge will create a sealant over the picture.

IMG_1946IMG_1947The perfect puzzle for this cousin lovin two year old!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 10.07.33 PM


Whether you love the holiday or not, it’s here.  Share it with your sweetie, hang with your girls or ignore it all together.  We here at Selections By Sisters want to say a BIG thank you to all of you who have stopped by to our little space on the web and checked in on what we have to share.