Friday Favorites: Valentine’s Day Card Edition

Valentines day card final 2

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  I agree with many in the thought of it being a commercialized holiday and you should be showing the ones you love them all year round but I do love cards and sending mail so it’s just one more excuse to do so.  Many sites now including, Minted, Zazzle, Card Store and Treat allow you to personalize many of their cards to include your sweetie’s name or a special inside joke.  Taking the time to select a “perfect” card makes those who love (and hate) the holiday feel a little extra special.

Lovers: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Friends: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Haters: 1 | 2 | 3 |

As Long as My Nails are Done

nail polish
Being a full-time stay at home mom definitely has its perks, style wise. I can rock my yoga pants almost daily, and my face hardly needs anything more than a touch of foundation and a swipe or two of mascara. At times, however, I do miss getting dressed professionally, putting on makeup, and heading out the door to work.

My daughter has recently been loving nail polish and it’s reminded me how much I loved dawning a fabulous color on my nails. It’s that special touch that always made me feel ‘put together’ even if I was in yoga pants and barely there makeup. I’m ready to get back into the nail routine and am bringing my daughter along for the ride.

Chanel, Essie, and OPI have always been favorites. The beloved I’m Not Really a Waitress from OPI is my go to color!

I’m loving these new colors and can’t wait to get back into a nail routine. With a super busy husband and a stern belief that the fumes in a nail salon are way too much for a toddler, it’s difficult to schedule a visit as often as I’d like. Emily, from cupcakes and cashmere, gives a fabulous tutorial on her blog on how to give yourself the perfect 10 Minute Manicure.

Chanel: 603 CHARIVARI / 605 TAPAGE

Essie: Find Me an Oasis / Resort Fling / Cocktails and Coconuts / Under the Twilight

OPI: Kiss Me I’m Brazilian / Red Hot Rio / Live.Love.Carnaval / I Just Can’t Cope-acabana / OPI Scores a Goal!

A Little LOVE for your Loves


Reagan and I have been busy getting ready for Valentine’s Day by creating some sweet decorations for our home and special gifts for our friends.
How fabulous it is that my daughter has so much love in her heart; we could all learn a thing or two from this amazing toddler!
Here are our favorites for the month that’s dedicated to love. Make sure to check back Saturday to see what we’ve been working on for our friends and family!

No Time for Flashcard’s Coffee Filter Hearts are absolutely adorable and simple enough for my marker loving toddler!

With no shortage of wine corks in the house, these Love Bugs from No Time for Flashcard’s are a definite must make!

The Yoda inspired Valentine from design. wash. rinse. repeat… couldn’t be any cuter for your Star Wars lovin kiddo. Added bonus- a free printable!!!

Mom’s by Heart is offering up this fabulous and FREE printable! Who doesn’t love glow sticks?

Reagan finds Whoopie Cushions to be hilarious; she seriously can’t get enough! the Taylor house is rocking it with these awesome Valentine’s and tops them off with a FREE printable!

Even though this Valentine isn’t rocking a free printable, it is still super cute and perfect for a few special friends! bellaellaboutique, on etsy, created this Wheelie Cool Valentine!

I’m loving Jacolyn Murphy’s All is Fair in Love and War Valentine’s. These would definitely be a favorite with an older crowd!

A look back at last years Valentine’s:

We created A Little Love for our family.

These were the Sweetest Sayings!

How simple it is to help your child show their love!

Friday Favorites

hudson bowtie

Who doesn’t love a puppy in a bow tie?

TGIF and happy almost weekend! It was a busy week on the blog and we are so grateful for everyone who has stopped by, this sister project has been a fun adventure.  Just about every store is having a sale so this week I just rounded up some of my favorite links.  Enjoy!

If you don’t already follow Tiffany Beveridge’s Pinterest page about her imaginary well-dressed toddler daughter, Quinoa, you are missing out!

Mean Girls came out 10 years ago!  Did that make you feel old?  Rachel McAdams recently shared her favorite lines because really, “is butter a carb?”

Kids don’t only say the darnedest things, they also do them!

If you know how to knit, now you can put it to even better use by helping penguins

Some days, don’t you just hate pants?!

Amy Adams rockin’ a ‘Cuse tee at the gym makes this alum very happy

If you haven’t checked out our favorite apps post, you really should.  Timehop’s delivery of throwbacks every morning will really brighten your day (especially if they’re your abroad pictures from 7 years ago)

Spotlight On: Favorite Apps

faveappsThere are several apps I use on a daily basis and many are the usual suspects: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the Weather Channel (far better than the Apple weather app!), but there are also some others that are new favorites and one that’s been around for a while.

Timehop: a recent recommendation that has become a new favorite.  Timehop links to the social media accounts and photo libraries of your choosing and sends you a notification each day of any pictures or posts that you made on that same date in years past.  Some days there aren’t any updates but others I have had pictures from one, two, three, four, five and six years ago.  It’s fun to take a quick walk down memory lane everyday without doing any of the legwork.

Songza: I have been a longtime fan of Songza as opposed to using Spotify or Pandora.  Songza has pre-made playlists you can choose from based on your mood (waking up happy), current activity (singing in the shower) or you can also search a genre or artist.  Songza is a road trip must have and some favorite playlists include: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, 90s Crowd Pleasing Hits and The Ultimate Oldies Party.  In NYC you can usually get 3 or 4 songs after you head down into the subway so it’s a great city commute option as well.

QuizUp: As Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit fans, Andy and I love challenging each other in this quick, live quiz game.  We’ve also both roped in several family members as other opponents and it’s fun way to connect without having to dedicate yourself to a week long game of Words With Friends.

Heads Up!: If you don’t know this app, go look it up now.  It will be the most entertaining 99 cents you spend, guaranteed.

Groovebook: I recently discovered this app last week on Shark Tank so I haven’t received the product yet but I’m sure it will stay a longtime favorite.  Their premise is you spend $2.99/month and they send you a photobook of 4×6 pictures, pre-perforated for easy removal of up to 100 photos.  That’s right, just $2.99 for 100 including shipping!  I am excited to finally get consistent copies of the countless pictures on my phone that never make it anywhere aside to iPhoto.

What are some of your favorites?