Chevron Pumpkin


Simple Chevron Pumpkin!


Painters Tape
Spray Paint



Create a pattern towards the top of your pumpkin, using small pieces of cut painters tape. I did not measure the pieces of tape that I cut, nor did I measure the distance between each piece of tape. I wasn’t concerned with this pumpkin being perfect. If you are, just measure the tape and distance between each piece, so that it’s perfect.

Follow top pattern an inch or two ( eye balled) bellow the top pattern. Cut pieces of painters tape and continue until your pattern covers the pumpkin.


Tape off stem, so that it is covered during painting.




Place pumpkin outside on top of something that you don’t mind getting a little paint on. Spray your pumpkin with chosen color paint. I ran out of paint, but again, I wasn’t shooting for perfection, so I wasn’t disappointed.






After paint is dry; slowly peel painters tape off of pumpkin.


Gallery Wall

I began this project months ago and am only now attempting to hang them up on the wall in Reagan’s room. I’ve waited patiently for my husband to drill a tiny hole in the back of each piece of wood so that I could use small nails to hang the wood pieces on the wall. Since the holes still aren’t drilled and I’m not familiar with the power tools; I found another way to hang these beauties. I created the wooden pictures and name plate, as well as the chevron canvas with the pink ‘R’. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of these projects from start to finish. I did love how they all turned out and plan on making more in the future.

Needed materials:

– Wooden pictures to hang
– Enough ‘mouth looking’ hooks for the number of pieces of wood that you are hanging
– Super glue
– Picture hanging nails
– Hammer
– Paper cut to the size of your pictures
– Painters Tape

I measured Reagan’s wall and then began to plan out my gallery wall using pieces of paper cut to the exact size of my wooden pictures, painters tape and the chevron painted canvas. These stayed on Reagan’s wall for a few days as I painted the pink ‘R’ and figured out how I was going to get holes into the back of the wooden pictures.

I decided to use super glue to attached the ‘mouth looking’ hooks to the backs of my wooden photo pictures.
I glued my fingers together after the first drop of glue…damn that stuff is powerful!
I held my finger on the hook, pressing down hard for about one minute. I left the glue to completely dry- about 5 minutes.

I also used the super glue to attach the pink ‘R’ to the chevron canvas that I painted. I measured from top to bottom and from left to right before gluing the ‘R’ to make sure that it was centered. I placed the ‘R’ on the canvas and then lifted random edges and squeezed super glue underneath. I put a large book underneath the canvas and pressed the ‘R’ firmly down for a minute or two.

Once the glue was dry on the back of the wooden pictures it was time to hang them up! I thought that this was going to be a breeze,but it was anything but… Our outside walls are cement, which means that they are a pain in the butt to nail anything into them. I bent about 15 nails using my meat mallet (the hammer was in the garage) and took off various pieces of plaster from the wall. shhh…don’t tell my husband. Help me god when we move, this isn’t the only room that I’ve hidden missing plaster chunks behind frames. I was finally successful in getting the tiniest of nails that were included in the picture framing kit to stay in the wall! Woot! Woot! I replaced the orange cut out rectangles with Reagan’s beautiful pictures and name plate.

I think that it came out great!