Water Bottle TuTus


These tutus definitely gave me a run for my money, which is why I only ended up making six, instead of the intended 15. They are super cute, and were a huge hit, but my fingers weren’t very happy with the hundreds of small knots that they tied. I made these at night, while watching Pretty Little Liars. I have to admit that I’m addicted to what my husband calls a ‘teeny bopper’ show. But, it’s a step up from Caillou, which Reagan is currently obsessing over during the day.
If you have time and your fingers need a workout, these are definitely adorable! The two that didn’t get taken home by shower guests, became the perfect tutus for my nieces Piglet doll and Reagan’s baby doll.


1 yard tule
Rubber Bands-large enough to fit on your bottle, but small enough not to slip off
Water Bottles



Fold tule in half and then continue to fold in half until you have a width that is about 2/2.5 inches long. The length of the pieces that you cut will determine the length of your tutu. I wanted a short and puffy tutu, so I cut shorter pieces.

Cut off inch wide pieces of tule.


Your pieces will need to be cut at the tops of the loops; this is where your tule was folded.
Depending on the number of times that you folded your tule will depend on the number of pieces you end up with- the more folds, the more pieces.



Tie individual pieces of tule to the rubber band. Make sure that the pieces of tule are tied close to each other, so that the rubber band cannot be seen. Continue around the entire rubber band.


Remove label from water bottles!!!
Trim, with scissors, around your tutu, until you achieve the shape that you want.


Super cute, right?

A perfect tutu for Piglet!


Perfect Morning

Bundle up the kiddos it’s time to feed the UCKS! Check out that 55 degree temperature…Woot! Woot! Today was a cloudy Rochester day (not a shocker), but was nice enough for us to be able to spend the late morning and early afternoon outdoors with t he kids! The ‘ucks’ as Reagan calls the ducks were at the top of her to do list, so we met Erin and the boys in Schoen Place for some much-needed uck time.

Reagan feels the need to snack right along with the ucks, which is why we can never bring anything but fresh bread…those lucky little ucks.

When the bread was gone, we headed across the canal to have lunch and dance in the pavilion.  Oh to be a kid again.  These two are hysterical and love to dance to their favorites Justin and Kelis!

After a few falls, it was time to head to the library for a much-needed potty break and a little QT.  Henry gave me a long talk about how important it is for Reagan to have two gloves…his reasons included – only a few fingers being warm, her boo boo on her hand getting cold and not getting better and it looking silly. He’s such a smart kid- I felt like I was getting a lecture from my dad. (only one glove made it into the stroller from the trunk of the car)

The library is a comfortable and familiar place for both kids.  They know their boundaries and enjoy being able to have a bit of freedom to choose what they would like to do. They stuck together today…

Time flies when you’re having fun and before we knew it nap time was quickly approaching.  It was back in the stroller for Reagan and a quick walk to the car for Henry.  Holden was a trooper, like always, and slept the entire time!

How lucky are we to be able to stay home with our kids?  I am so grateful to be able to experience each new adventure with Reagan and fortunate enough to have Erin, Henry and Holden to share the adventures with as well.