Camo Pants

Camo Patterned Pants
From Top Left:  Rag & Bone jeans /Joie army pants / Tripp low rise jeans / Mango drawstring pants / TEXTILE Elizabeth and James jeans / Winsor Camoflauge pants / Baldwin Denim camouflage jeans / Forever 21 cotton pants / Urban Renewal cotton pants/   

Camo pants have become a new staple and I find that they go with more than you would think.  I passed a pair at Gap in March that I was considering purchasing but still wasn’t sure if I would wear them often enough.  It wasn’t until I saw that they were sold out online that I realized I would be disappointed if I didn’t go buy them (this has happened more than once before).  Luckily, when in NYC, you can walk to the closest Gap in no time and when they are sold out there, they can call the store ten blocks away and within an hour you can have them in your hands!  I have worn mine with pink flats, sneakers, striped t-shirts and graphic tees…the possibilities seem endless. Since the Gap ones have sold out, I found a mix of high and lows and different fits.  How would you wear them?

Forever 21 Finds

The other day while waiting to check out at Forever 21 in Soho I noticed one of the sales associates with a pile of untagged jewelry at the register. Among the pile I spotted what appeared to be lookalikes of Stella & Dot’s Renegade Cluster Bracelet . Although I’ve seen it on countless of the fashion blogs I read, it was never something I was dying to have.

At $59, the bracelet was too trendy to be worthy of that price tag.  But for a Forever 21 price, sure! Why not?  I immediately spoke up and asked him if they were for sale. He shot back with a sharp “no” and looked back down at the keyboard. I put my headphones back on and continued to wait in line. Less than a minute later the girl behind me in line was tapping on my shoulder and pointing to the guy. He asked if I still wanted them because they were available and he was searching for the price. I quickly replied yes and he said he’d keep looking. The girl who had tapped me on the shoulder did so again but this time asked if I was going to buy both the silver and the gold. She looked bummed when I told her yes and then rolled up her sleeve to reveal that she was wearing the renegade cluster and said, “it looks just like the Stella and Dot one!” Although it’s not an exact replica, as there are no crystal clusters, for the $6.80 price tag, it’s well worth adding it into a future stack.


Forever’s version (only silver available online)

It’s all about the party… on your arm!


Stacking, stacks or arm party are all things I’m likely to be calling the collection of items that ends up on my wrist. What is much less likely is my wrist being empty or only occupied by solely a watch when I leave the house in the morning. An obsession with costume jewelry is a polite way to put it but hey, everyone has their vices so what if this may be mine (or is it just one of mine, who’s really counting?).

I always start with the watch, be it gold, silver, black or rose, and then choose the rest of the stack from there. It’s fun to mix it up, wear new arrangements and make it interesting. Even in a simple t-shirt and jeans, a decorated wrist can turn the whole outfit around. When wearing a crowded stack I try and stick to simple jewelry elsewhere with studs and a thin chained necklace.

I’ve been trained not to play favorites, especially while teaching, but my gold Michael Kors watch would win, hands down. It’s my go-to that has been around for 5 years and for me to even like something for that long is an achievement. When buying costume jewelry, I rarely spend over $10/$20 on an item, mainly because they are from Forever 21 or deeply discounted at J.Crew and also because I will probably be over it in a season or two. But even when I’m over it, I still have a problem letting go. It’ll probably live in the jewelry closet for a while and maybe when one day I’ll get inspired to add it back into a new stack. Purging is not my strong suit and I have way too many things in my closet I haven’t worn because maybe…sometime…in the future, I’ll be mad I got rid of that gray knee length cotton dress that hugged me too tightly or maybe it will be in the same spot until we move out of this apartment? Anyways, if it’s here, it has a place and it’s organized, until I finally let go. But in the end it’s all about the party…on your arm.

Michael Kors Gold Watch / J.Crew Classic Pave Link Bracelet