The Pom Pom


Reagan is always ready to paint! Color identification, color recognition and fine motor skills are all put to good use throughout this craft!


Various colors of paint
Clothes pins
Pom Pom balls
Cotton balls
Large white sheet of paper
Construction paper
Egg carton




Pinch Pom Pom ball and/or cotton ball with clothes pin.
Squeeze different colored paint into separate egg shell carton sections.
Fold a piece of construction paper in half and free hand cut out the shape of half an egg. Hold the cut out against a piece of larger white paper.



Designate one clothes pinned Pom for each color, which probably won’t last for long- Reagan was mixing colors within the first few minutes.
Assist your child in making dots, swirls, and whatever other designs they can create with the pinned Pom. I found that I needed to create a boarder around the edge of the construction paper because Reagan wasn’t completely filling in the egg.

When they have finished painting, lift off the construction paper stencil and allow the egg to dry!


Pint-Sized Picasso

This was such an easy activity from start to finish!


Washable Paint
Construction Paper
Styrofoam Plate
Something to cover table

This activity took no time at all to put together and allowed for me to utilize things that I already had in the house. I found an old set of washable paints and was excited for Reagan to stray from her normal blue and pink paint (I have yet to remember to purchase more colors). But, low and behold the paints were dry;( I even tried adding a little water to the bottle and shaking it, but it just wasn’t the right consistency anymore. So back to the trusty old standby colors.

I placed a cardboard mat underneath where Reagan would be working, even though it’s washable paint, it doesn’t always wash out 100%. I gave her a piece of construction paper, four wine and champagne corks, paint on a styrofoam plate, told her that they corks were stamps and let her go to town!


She LOVED every second of the paint stamping. I mean, why wouldn’t she…she LOVES to dip, dip! Here she is, using sign language, to ask for more.

The activity lasted about 15 minutes before Reagan began to stamp her hands, her face, the chair and was even successful at getting the dog once or twice.

When the fingers went in the mouth, I called it quits on the activity. I could have easily given her a binkie and she would have continues to paint. However, I’m trying to confine the binkie to the crib and the car, so the binkie was not coming to the kitchen table to paint.

We had a blast and ended the activity with her favorite thing…a tubbie! Sometimes I think that Reagan loves to get messy because she knows that she will end up in the tubbie.

Everything cleaned up really easily. I threw away the styrofoam plate and corks- no paint brush washing today! And returned the left over paper, the paint bottles and the cardboard mat to the craft section in the basement.