Gallery Wall

I began this project months ago and am only now attempting to hang them up on the wall in Reagan’s room. I’ve waited patiently for my husband to drill a tiny hole in the back of each piece of wood so that I could use small nails to hang the wood pieces on the wall. Since the holes still aren’t drilled and I’m not familiar with the power tools; I found another way to hang these beauties. I created the wooden pictures and name plate, as well as the chevron canvas with the pink ‘R’. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of these projects from start to finish. I did love how they all turned out and plan on making more in the future.

Needed materials:

– Wooden pictures to hang
– Enough ‘mouth looking’ hooks for the number of pieces of wood that you are hanging
– Super glue
– Picture hanging nails
– Hammer
– Paper cut to the size of your pictures
– Painters Tape

I measured Reagan’s wall and then began to plan out my gallery wall using pieces of paper cut to the exact size of my wooden pictures, painters tape and the chevron painted canvas. These stayed on Reagan’s wall for a few days as I painted the pink ‘R’ and figured out how I was going to get holes into the back of the wooden pictures.

I decided to use super glue to attached the ‘mouth looking’ hooks to the backs of my wooden photo pictures.
I glued my fingers together after the first drop of glue…damn that stuff is powerful!
I held my finger on the hook, pressing down hard for about one minute. I left the glue to completely dry- about 5 minutes.

I also used the super glue to attach the pink ‘R’ to the chevron canvas that I painted. I measured from top to bottom and from left to right before gluing the ‘R’ to make sure that it was centered. I placed the ‘R’ on the canvas and then lifted random edges and squeezed super glue underneath. I put a large book underneath the canvas and pressed the ‘R’ firmly down for a minute or two.

Once the glue was dry on the back of the wooden pictures it was time to hang them up! I thought that this was going to be a breeze,but it was anything but… Our outside walls are cement, which means that they are a pain in the butt to nail anything into them. I bent about 15 nails using my meat mallet (the hammer was in the garage) and took off various pieces of plaster from the wall. shhh…don’t tell my husband. Help me god when we move, this isn’t the only room that I’ve hidden missing plaster chunks behind frames. I was finally successful in getting the tiniest of nails that were included in the picture framing kit to stay in the wall! Woot! Woot! I replaced the orange cut out rectangles with Reagan’s beautiful pictures and name plate.

I think that it came out great!

Pint-Sized Picasso

This was such an easy activity from start to finish!


Washable Paint
Construction Paper
Styrofoam Plate
Something to cover table

This activity took no time at all to put together and allowed for me to utilize things that I already had in the house. I found an old set of washable paints and was excited for Reagan to stray from her normal blue and pink paint (I have yet to remember to purchase more colors). But, low and behold the paints were dry;( I even tried adding a little water to the bottle and shaking it, but it just wasn’t the right consistency anymore. So back to the trusty old standby colors.

I placed a cardboard mat underneath where Reagan would be working, even though it’s washable paint, it doesn’t always wash out 100%. I gave her a piece of construction paper, four wine and champagne corks, paint on a styrofoam plate, told her that they corks were stamps and let her go to town!


She LOVED every second of the paint stamping. I mean, why wouldn’t she…she LOVES to dip, dip! Here she is, using sign language, to ask for more.

The activity lasted about 15 minutes before Reagan began to stamp her hands, her face, the chair and was even successful at getting the dog once or twice.

When the fingers went in the mouth, I called it quits on the activity. I could have easily given her a binkie and she would have continues to paint. However, I’m trying to confine the binkie to the crib and the car, so the binkie was not coming to the kitchen table to paint.

We had a blast and ended the activity with her favorite thing…a tubbie! Sometimes I think that Reagan loves to get messy because she knows that she will end up in the tubbie.

Everything cleaned up really easily. I threw away the styrofoam plate and corks- no paint brush washing today! And returned the left over paper, the paint bottles and the cardboard mat to the craft section in the basement.

A Little Love

My sister, Erin, found this adorable craft on The Party Event ( and made the best Valentine’s day gift for someone very special that lives far away. I thought that it was the sweetest idea and that it would be fabulous for my husband who works long hours and often comes home after Reagan is already in bed. This Valentine is perfect for when he misses her and needs a hug.

Erin and I both strayed from the way that the hug was created on The Party Event ( and I LOVE the final products!

I decided that Reagan and I were going to make three HUG Valentine’s, one for Reagan’s dada, one for my mother-in-law, a.k.a Grammy and one for my father-in-law, a.k.a PaPa.

Below are materials and instructions for how to make Reagan’s HUG.


Mod Podge
Paint brush
index cards
4 different colors of paint ( we used pink, red, white and purple)
4 large sheets of card stock light colored card stock- I used a very faded light blue
2 sheets of red construction paper
1 (8×10) piece of card stock
1 piece of paper (large enough to trace hand on)
sharp knife
Printed saying (

Step 1:

Paint both sides of the four sheets of large card stock paper- one sheet for each color (let one side dry before painting the other, this should be obvious…)

Step 2:

Trace hands onto piece of paper and cut along traced lines.

Step 3:

Trace cut out hand onto red construction paper. Using both pieces of red construction paper, one on top of the other, cut out traced hands. We needed six hands for our three valentines.

Step 4:

Measure the length of your child’s arm span. Ask them to put out their arms as if they were giving you a big hug. Henry’s HUG was perfect! It measured his exact arm length! I struggled a bit to get Reagan to stretch out her arms so I could measure her arm span.

Step 5:

Take two cut out red hands and mod podge one side of one hand. Place one end of the arm span measured ribbon onto the mod podge and then the other hand on top (You are sandwiching the string in-between the two hand cut-outs). Press down firmly. I would recommend putting something heavy, like a book, on top of your hands until they dry. Repeat this step three times. You are only gluing one side of the string in between two hand cut-outs at this point.

Step 6:

Cut three different sized hearts out of index cards. You will be tracing these hearts. I only ended up using one of the three sizes that I cut out.

Step 7:

Trace the cut out index card hearts onto the 4 large painted card stock pieces of paper. Cut out the hearts. This is where it became a bit tedious…there were a lot of hearts that needed to be cut out, that I didn’t even use! These will be going into the Valentine’s box, so at least I saved myself some trouble for next year!

Step 8:

Using a sharp knife, cut two small slits (as wide as your ribbon) at the top of your heart.

Step 9:

Thread your ribbon through your slits and place a small dab of mod podge behind the ribbon to secure. Repeat this adding however many hearts that you want to add. We only ended up using four hearts for Reagan’s Valentine, her arm span is super short. I utilized the free printable (, printed it on card stock, cut it into an oval and attached it to the string in the same fashion as I did with the hearts.

Step 10:

Take two cut out red hands and mod podge one side. Place the other end of the arm span measured ribbon onto the mod podge and then the other hand on top (You are sandwiching the string in between the two hand cut-outs). Press down firmly. I would recommend putting something heavy, like a book, on top of your hands until they dry. Repeat this step three times.

Reagan’s finished HUG

Erin and I did our own version of the same Valentine’s HUG and they both turned out fabulously! This just goes to show that you can take someone else’s adorable project and make it your own!

This isn’t just a HUG for a Valentine, it’s a precious gift that can be sent at anytime of the year!

Water Colors

Reagan is in LOVE with dipping things lately…thanks to her cousin Henry, who taught her how to dip, dip veggies into blue cheese dressing at their grandmas house. FYI- neither kid really eats the veggies, it’s more of a triple dipper disaster, they really should have their own dip bowls, but hey, it’s all in the family…right?

I thought that I would put her ‘dipping’ skills to work and see if water colors would be of interest to her. I had the materials for the activity, so it really seemed like a no brainer to try it out. First mistake I made right out of the gate…giving Reagan a bowl with water in it. She immediately picked up the bowl and drank the water- at least she hadn’t dipped any paint in it yet. I refilled the bowl with a very small amount of water and explained to Reagan that the water wasn’t for drinking and proceeded to show her what do to. With the paper, water color pad and water bowl in front of her and paintbrush in hand, I guided Reagan’s hand to dip the paintbrush into the water bowl, then to the color pad and onto the paper. I made sure to verbalize what we were doing and to say the color names that she was dipping into.


Reagan seemed to enjoy the watercolors, switching from using the brush to paint to using her fingers. I ended up giving her a foam paint brush to allow for the activity to last a little longer. A bib would have been a great idea, but Reagan just yanks them off. A previously stained turtle neck worked out perfectly!


Another great activity to strengthen her fine motor skills!