A Preciously Perfect Baby Shower

I co-hosted a Baby Shower for my sister-in-law this past weekend. I’m a lover of DIYs, so I was excited to create some adorably precious details to make her shower extra special.
I created four special touches that, in my opinion, looked absolutely adorable. Click on the name of the crafts below to be directed to instructions on how to create! Have fun!

Water Bottle TuTus


Water Bottle Diapers


Baby Banner


Plasticware Napkin Wrap


Falling into a New Season


Fall weather is finally back in the city and I couldn’t be more excited for the arrival of my favorite season. This weekend I had my first hot coffee in months, happily added a second layer to outfits and didn’t wear any sandals. It’s not that I don’t love summer; it’s actually pretty incredible considering I get over 10 weeks off! However, the city gets to be unbearably hot and humid especially for those who have ruined more white tees than they can count. The cool breeze and even slight nip in the air were greatly welcomed this weekend. Bring on the riding boots, booties, layers and lattes, I’m ready!

Vest: Banana Republic | Sweatshirt: Forever 21 | Jeans & Flats: old | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: J. Crew (on sale, which it never is, with code FALLSTYLE) | Monogram Necklace: Max & Chloe

Big Boys



I know I have been noticeably absent from the blog for the last month or so but I promise to be back soon with some fun kids activities and delicious recipes. For now here are some big milestones we celebrated this week! It’s amazing how fast time flies. I feel like they will be off to college in the blink of an eye.

Sparkly Mess


Tons of glitter to brighten a gloomy day! I totally asked for a huge mess with this project, but Reagan wanted glitter, so we glittered!!!


Glue ( I like clear washable glue)
Something to pour excess glitter into- we used an old box

What To Do

Cover work area- this project can get messy!! Place a piece of paper in front of your child, give them a glue bottle and assist in squeezing the glue onto the paper. Show them how to move the glue bottle left, right, up and down their paper, while squeezing the bottle. This is when I talk with Reagan about the glue being sticky. I encourage her to touch the glue with one of her fingers, so that she can feel the texture and stickiness.


Show your child the different colors of glitter that you have and allow for them to select the color that they want to use. Guiding their hands at first, show them how to shake the glitter jar to completely cover their glue with glitter.



Assist your child, at first, in shaking the excess glitter off of their paper. We used an old box for our extra glitter.



Let the glue dry. Like I said before, this project can get messy, so be prepared!!



Have a SPARKLING day!

Car Painting


Reagan has been totally into matchbox cars lately, so it was no wonder that on a recent Michael’s trip she was immediately drawn to a small wooden race car and a train engine. So, for a dollar a piece, we brought them home to be dolled up and played with!

Paint Brushes
Egg Carton
Wooden Toys
Something to cover work area

I like Reagan to be able to make her own choices, especially when she’s creating something. I line up the paint bottles in front of Reagan and have her choose which colors she would like and which egg hole each color should go in. We only squeeze a small amount of paint into each hole; that way when Reagan needs more of a specific color, she can ask for it by name (I need more ‘red’ paint). This activity aides in the strengthening of her color identification skills.



The paint color will inevitably get mixed together, but who cares, it adds to their creativity. Fine motor skills are practiced by holding a paintbrush, dipping it into paint and then carefully placing it onto the wooden toy.


The finished products are awesome! The race car has already been designated to daddy’s desk at work, while the train engine has already made it’s way into the ‘parking garage’ in Reagan’s playroom!